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Global Goa Party 2: The Lineup

The party is most definitely ON! We now have a full DJ lineup for GGP2 along with some killer new flyer art to show off the lineup. Read more »


Hunab-Ku Magik Mix Contest

Welcome, all, to the Hunab-Ku Magik Mix Contest!

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about how to win a free, original copy of Hunab-Ku’s Magik Universe!

The collectors among you will recognize this CD as one of the rarest and most highly sought-after albums of the old-school Goa trance genre. While this CD would fetch a pretty penny on eBay or the Discogs Marketplace, I am more interested in getting some great mixes out of you old-school collectors and DJs! Read more »


Twisty, Toasty, and Warm: Analog

An analog double-whammy, Analogisomer is an analog synth-laden old-school Goa set consisting 100% of vinyl singles, vintage 1994-1996. Read more »


Eallra Hālgena ǣfen (or, a spooky Halloween mix)

Originally assembled for my good friend James, I feel this mix to be quite appropriate for a Halloween Goat Ranch post. Read more »



In the first edition of the Audio Dictionary For Music Geeks, the entry for “psychedelic trance” contains only one word: Koxbox. In the second edition they clarified things a bit by adding another: Psychopod. Read more »


Practus Cactus

Hello from Nuevo Mexico! Somehow “new mix coming soon” turned into 5 months…whoopsies. Read more »


Etnica, Pleiadians, & Crop Circles – The Singles Volume 1

How much old-school Etnica is too much? What about Pleiadians? Crop Circles? Is there a “too much” when we’re talking about these acts? Read more »


Now and Then, Part 2 (Then)

And now, then. A companion to Now & Then Part 1, we have here the original versions of each track dropped into a mix for your evaluation. Read more »


Now and Then, Part 1 (Now)

This week’s mix – and the first of the New Year! – is the first in a two-part series entitled Now & Then; this being the “Now” part. The mix consists entirely of modern-day remixes of classic Goa trance tracks, and while some of the originals of these tracks are more “classic” than others, each has stood the test of time and they have as such warranted remixes even 10-12 years later. Read more »


Mixed Nuts, No Peanuts

When you buy a can of mixed nuts, it’s usually 75% peanuts. Peanuts are fine, don’t get me wrong, but when you get another type of nut in-hand it’s quite exciting, and for some reason seems to be extra tasty. Well, this old-school Goa trance mix is like a can of mixed nuts, but with no peanuts. All exciting, all tasty, all the time. Read more »