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February 4, 2009


Etnica, Pleiadians, & Crop Circles – The Singles Volume 1

by goatranch

How much old-school Etnica is too much? What about Pleiadians? Crop Circles? Is there a “too much” when we’re talking about these acts?

Download or stream:

Title:  Etnica, Pleiadians, & Crop Circles – The Singles Vol. 1
Length: 79:18
Size:   127MB
Format: MP3 (LAME 3.98.2 –preset fast standard)

01 Pleiadians – Zeta Reticuli (Lazy Spiral Remix) [AFRCD1]
02 Pleiadians – Time Dilation [MPCD3]
03 Etnica – Trip Tonite (Remix) [MDMT2001]
04 Crop Circles – Full Mental Jackpot (Pleiadians Remix) [TITCD14]
05 Etnica – Tribute [BR010]
06 Etnica – Vimana [BR027]
07 Etnica – Nice Toy [2110-2]
08 Crop Circles- Lunar Civilization [AURAEP003]
09 Pleiadians – Headspin [BFLT50]

While I admit that I’m an Etnica fanboy of the highest order, even I think we might be bordering on Etnica-overload here considering the content of the last two mixes. However, the timing of my finally obtaining the last piece of this mix in CDA quality – and the need for a new mix on the Goat Ranch – presents us with this onslaught of melodic intricacy and lucsciously-layered, gooey Goa goodness that is Etnica, Pleiadians, and Crop Circles.

While not consisting totally of “singles” in the strictest sense, this mix represents what I consider to be some of the highest-of-highpoints in the Italians’ vast discography as Etnica, Pleiadians, and Crop Circles. Only one of the tracks, Headspin, resides on a full-length album (Family of Light) in the form in which it appears here (it was first released on a 12″, however). The rest were released only on 12″ vinyl singles, CD singles, or compilations, and most often some combination thereof.

For those of you unfamiliar with these guys, you are in for a treat! For while oft-imitated, not many artists before or since have been able to attain the level of melodic complexity of these tracks, all the while somehow remaining quite outside the “cheese zone”. Of course, your mileage may vary on this last point. 😉

Enjoy the mix. I know it’s tough, but someone’s gotta do it.

ps. If you are tiring of all this melodic stuff, stay tuned for the next Goat Ranch installment, which I promise will be a departure from the trend that’s been established thus far. I’m working on putting together a set of tracks for the next mix that should quite effectively counteract that which has appeared before. RAWK!

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  1. Carlo
    Feb 5 2009

    Epic mix dude. I had actually forgotten about Zeta Reticuli, been a long time since I heard that track.

    Weird bit of synchronicty in that I was thinking about doing a mix with some of the less well known X-Dream tracks along a similar vein as what you’ve done here.

    Mixing was real old school Goa, reminds me a bit of Trancentral 4.

    I wait impatiently for the next mix, I’m expecting SUN Project and ‘As a child’ will feature heavily? If the ‘RAWK’ comment is any indication.

  2. goatranch
    Feb 5 2009

    Hell yes, I’d LOVE to get an X-Dream mix from you. Do it do it do it!

    Yeah, quite a few ambient fades in this one – bpm differences and/or compositional differences required it. Koxbox tracks, on the other hand, flow together extremely easily…will have to post that mix sometime, as well.

    Actually, no geetar in the next mix, but I *do* have an all-geetar mix I made for a friend of mine (well, more for me, but that’s another story). I should post that one as well, it’s one of my favorites.

    Thanks for the comment, Carlo! And let’s hear that X-Dream mix. 🙂

  3. Carlo
    Feb 5 2009

    OK, coming up on my third time listening to the mix.

    I have to tell you that the move from Zeta Reticuli to Time Dilation was inspired; all the way thru listening to ZR I could ‘hear’ TD like the way you’re supposed to listen to jazz and hear the notes they’re not playing. All very zen, I know.

    Or maybe I fried my brain somewhere

  4. goatranch
    Feb 9 2009

    Thanks, Carlo! This is high praise coming from you; I truly appreciate it. And what’s so wrong with a fried brain? 😉

  5. Jeremy
    Mar 3 2009


    I am a huge fan of this mix. The psy-goa has always been a favorite of mine.

    Again you have brought to my attention all new mixes and DJs. It’s a whole new world for me! Keep them coming!

  6. goatranch
    Mar 6 2009

    Glad you dig it, Jeremy! Hope to get a new one out this coming week. Likely a bit more twisted and dark than the last few, but lemme know what you think of it, anyway. 🙂


  7. Jul 2 2009

    Thanks for a great mix. Even though it’s all by the same guys, it still sounds amazing and is a real treat for me since I’ve found it hard to find quality old school Goa trance.

    Awesome mix.

  8. Oct 12 2009

    These are amazing times! My research and experience says that these CropCircles that we see popping up are generating transmissions at ultra high frequencies that are targeted at our heart center. Some have multiple messages to convey even. Also there’s numeric meaning and, some circles have even represented ASCII code! My crop circle page at has some examples that I have decoded through transmissions I have receieved. It’s great to be alive!

  9. Sep 6 2011

    classics rule. thanks
    with metta kindness

  10. d
    Mar 30 2012

    goat ranch was under copyright protection by max, myself, & the other goat herders; selim & rishi. glad to see you’re keeping the magic alive marsh. (=
    eternally magical memories of that time….


  11. Mar 30 2012

    Dang it! This is my second cease-and-desist in a week! :/

    Great to hear from you, Darin. Send me an email @ marsh[aatt] so we can work out a settlement package. 😉 Would love to catch up, too.

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