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The Tree Tribe – A Glimpse of the Tagzig (A Night with the Tribe Mix)

Most of us can name at least one album, compilation, or mixtape that still shines brightly from the depths of memory as being something more than the sum of its tracks; for The Tree Tribe, Rabtu Gawa (Paradise Trance) shines brilliantly.

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Darshan Double-Dipped

Two for the price of one! The Goat Ranch presents two Darshan single-artist mixes from guest DJ AztroNaut: full, dark, brooding Goa trance with enough energy to split atoms.

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kompressorkanonen – Lost Beaches

I’m very excited to present a special treat from kk – prolific collector, reviewer, and damn fine DJ whose mixes always have substance.

Basically a highly subjective interpretation of the evolution of the early 90’s Goa sound. The tracks are from 1989-1995, so most of them come from an era when the term “Goa trance” didn’t exist.

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Hallucinary – Secret Society

I’d like to introduce you all to Hallucinary in his first (though hopefully not last!) appearance on the Ranch.  An all-vinyl analog trip, clickyclicky to check out the wiggly waveforms within…

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DJ Solitare - The Future Was Now (the tracks)

DJ Solitare – The Future Was Now: The Tracks

The long-awaited track list for DJ Solitare’s mix The Future Was Now is finally revealed! More than a mere track listing, read on for Mark’s incredibly thorough recounting of each of the 30 tracks in the mix, with trivia and personal anecdotes that really lend this mix historical value.

Below are my notes for the tracks that I have used in this mix. There is a lot of detail here, but there are lots of musical details in each of these tracks, and everything we work with in our lives has lots of associations like these.Read more »


DJ Solitare – The Future Was Now

DJ Solitare bestows upon us a true gift of a guest mix here. In it we have nearly 3 1/2 hours of key-mixed magic from Mark Ainley, a man who’s been involved since the early days and has rubbed shoulders with many of the founding fathers of the genre. A label DJ for the fabulous DAT Records, Mark shares with us not only killer music presented in expert fashion, but a wonderful write-up as well.

“This mix is inspired by my experience at all-night events in Japan in the heyday of the psychedelic trance scene, primarily from 1994 to 1996.” Read more »


The Tree Tribe – Jungle Fever (Rapid Ascent Mix)

I am pleased to present to you, my dear trancers, a Goat Ranch guest mix of particular fantasticalitudeness. The Tree Tribe has graced us with an early-night ramp-up mix that’s guaranteed to get things rolling in the right direction. Read more »