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February 1, 2012


Global Goa Party 2: The Lineup

by goatranch

The party is most definitely ON! We now have a full DJ lineup for GGP2 along with some killer new flyer art to show off the lineup.

Come March 24th, the global village will be groovin’ to 15 hours of old-school Goa (and other?) trance by 10 DJs from all over our little planet. Announcing the official lineup and the Goa/Psy channel broadcast times is this beautiful flyer from Lara (whom you may know as the artist that did the CD art for Mind Rewind).

Now, without further ado…

Flyer by Lara

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  1. TreeTribe
    Feb 1 2012

    we had a party at a Taj Palace in india recently, but the Taj Mahal would be quite lovely… great flyer! looks a bit dark…. *devil’s grin*

  2. Feb 2 2012

    Maybe this is the “2AM” flyer? One must experience darkness to see light… 😛

  3. draeke
    Feb 26 2012

    its a lovely flyer!
    I am thrilled by this marathon 😉
    we have to advertise it in the best possible way on discogs, psynews, isratrance, facebook, etc. we should also try to reach some other forums, i know there are over 40 forums related to psytrance out there…

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