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Global Goa Party 1: The Tracklists

Resurrected from the dusty corners of a hard drive, here we have the long-lost tracklists for all of the DJ sets from Global Goa Party 1: Love Gravy.

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Global Goa Party: The Mixes

Welcome to the Global Goa Party!

Well, here we are, folks – all 10 mixes for your downloading and grooving enjoyment. Let it rip. Read more »


Global Goa Party: this weekend!!!

Global Goa Party comin’ atcha

This weekend, on July 17-18, 2010, the Global Goa Party will be going off on for their world-wide broadcast, and all of the mixes will be made available for download here at the Goat Ranch as well.

Flyer by Syonix

There are three ways that you can enjoy the Global Goa Party: Read more »


Love Gravy update

Flyer by Syonix

The Global Goa Party DJs really kicked some ass this weekend and I’ve now got all but one of the mixes for the party. I’m just tickled plaid that we’re so close to getting this thing buttoned up, and that the psychedelic love gravy will soon descend upon us in a gooey gravyfall of 15-hours of 1999 vintage Goa and psychedelic trance. Get that gravy boat ready, kids – it’s going to a long, strange voyage… Read more »


Global Goa Party – soon now!

The Love Gravy mixes are starting to stream in, folks, and I’m hoping to have each DJ’s mix by the end of the weekend. Then comes the organizing, naming, tracklist gathering, stitching, and posting which may take another week or so (due to the holiday weekend here in the States, and then that whole dumb “day job” thing, and such).

Flyer by Detune

As mentioned previously, all mixes will be posted here on the Goat Ranch once they’re all in, but you can also hear the full party on Digitally Imported Radio’s Goa/Psy channel on July 17/18. Check out the calendar page for more information on broadcast time for your timezone.

I’m hoping to have all of the mixes here by July 4th, but if we have some stragglers, rest assured the show will most definitely still go on!

Thanks to everyone so far for your interest, and thanks to detune for the killer flyer! This’ll rock some socks.


Global Goa Party on

Flyer by Syonix

While the DJs are busy assembling tracks and working on their mixes for the Global Goa Party,  the gnomes have been busy spreading the word, and the word will be spread even further with the whole party being broadcast on Digitally Imported’s Goa-Psy Trance channel!

We are still firming up details with regards to date and time, but I’ll be working with the swell kids over at over the next few days to nail down the specifics. Once we get the broadcast time nailed down I’ll post up another announcement here at the Goat Ranch. I’m hoping for a Saturday broadcast in mid-July, and we’ll likely start it at 8PM in whatever timezone has the most active listenership (if that can be determined).

Special thanks to Syonix for the kickass flyer! This is the first of his two submissions, the “Global Goa Party” version. I’ll include the “Global Love Gravy” version in another party post in the near future, so stay tuned.

Keep on keepin’ on!


Global Love Gravy: Flyer Submission #2

I was going to wait and use the flyer submissions for posts about the Global Goa Party, but this one is just too awesome to wait for that.

I present to you flyer submission number two:

Global Goa Party: Love Gravy - Flyer #2

From the artist:

I think the piece makes a profound statement on where we are currently with the whole psychedelic hippie movement and how it releates to… shit I dunno.

Thank you, Dave. I think you nailed it.


The Party Is On!

We’re On

I am happy to announce that Global Goa Party: Love Gravy is officially on! In just under a week, I’ve received enough sign-ups for a full line-up, and even the first flyer art submittal (thanks Draeke!).

Global Goa Party: Love Gravy

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Global Goa Party

(This is the original announcement for the Global Goa Party. If you’re looking for the mixes, check here.)

Hello, fellow Ranchers! The time has come for another mix event at the Goat Ranch, and I hope this one will be as successful as the Hunab-ku Magik Mix Contest. This event is collaborative instead of competitive, so let’s all get together for some peace, love, and kickass Goa trance. Read more »