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Posts from the ‘Global Goa Party 2: 1996’ Category


Global Goa Party 2: The Tracks

It’s been a few weeks since Global Goa Party 2, and the requests for the DJ’s tracklists have reached a fever pitch–please read on to satisfy your curiosity! Read more »


Global Goa Party 2: The Mixes

It’s party time, kids! This post provides you with the download links to all ten DJ mixes for GGP2, and will be updated with tracklists sometime in the coming days. Get your fluoro trance pants in the wash and start downloadin’! Read more »


Global Goa Party 2: Officially on

Three things to talk about today: the official calendar entry for GGP2, a new flyer from Syonix, and only 3 weeks left ’til we party! Read more »


Global Goa Party 2: The Lineup

The party is most definitely ON! We now have a full DJ lineup for GGP2 along with some killer new flyer art to show off the lineup. Read more »


Global Goa Party 2: DJ & flyer art signup

Would you like to DJ for Global Goa Party 2? Would you like to contribute flyer art? Would you like more information about GGP2? Do you wish you could party like it was 1996? Then read on, please! Read more »