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November 20, 2009


Twisty, Toasty, and Warm: Analog

by goatranch

An analog double-whammy, Analogisomer is an analog synth-laden old-school Goa set consisting 100% of vinyl singles, vintage 1994-1996.

Download or stream:

DJ:  Marsh
Title:  Analogisomer
Length: 77:57
Size:   82MB
Format: MP3 (LAME v3.98.2, -V2)

01 Koxbox – Insect Bite [HH057]
02 Rhythmystec – Eskimo [MP06]
03 Semsis – Mind Games [KR004]
04 Phreaky – Paranormal Activity [BFLT35]
05 Denshi-Danshi – Mariposa [POF458001030]
06 Lunar Asylum – Bubble [STAR004]
07 Parasonix – Warp Phase [PSY-028]
08 Ominus – Acid Tester (Mirrors of Sense mix) [KR005]
09 100th Monkey & Tristan – Spiritus [MP05]
10 Lunar Asylum – Reefer Madness [TRA022]
11 Slinky Wizard – Slick Witch [AFR010]
12 Disco Volante – Forbidden (Space Invader remix) [TDV011]

Catholic or Protestant. Democrat or Republican. Analog or Digital? Few topics in the audio world generate such heated debate as that which occurs between the analog and digital camps. Be it vinyl vs. compact disc or analog synths vs. VSTs, there never fails to be healthy and heated discussion generated when the topic arises on audiophile and music production forums and mailing lists. The infinite resolution of analog pit against the clarity of digital will likely never produce a clear winner due to the subjectivity of the listener, but there is undoubtedly something special about the sound of Goa trance made with analog gear and pressed on vinyl.

This mix contains tracks from 12″ singles recently obtained to bolster my collection of early Goa when it was shown to be lacking while compiling tracks for my (forthcoming) version of a Goa trance anthology. Consisting predominantly of singles released in 1996, there are a couple from 1995 and even one – Koxbox’s Insect Bite – from 1994. Back when these tracks were produced it took a patient, dedicated individual with real analog hardware to create music like this, unlike nowadays where anyone with an internet connection can download a cracked copy of Cubase and thousands of VSTs and start pumping out the jams from the trance factory. Was it the dedication and talent required that makes this old stuff so special, or is it the simple fact that most of the sounds are generated by analog synthesizers and recorded on an analog medium? Is there something in the human brain that resonates with the infinite resolution of an analog sound wave that isn’t triggered by the 1 or a 0 of digital?

Regardless of your stance on the matter, I hope you enjoy the mix. And, in the immortal words of Blue Room Released: PLAY LOUD!

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  1. Nov 20 2009

    Yummy. (clicks download button)

    I haven’t heard those Lunar asylum tracks in nearly a decade!

    Awesome. Thanks dude.

  2. goatranch
    Nov 21 2009

    You’re very welcome! When’s your next mix coming out? 😉

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