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October 12, 2009



by goatranch

In the first edition of the Audio Dictionary For Music Geeks, the entry for “psychedelic trance” contains only one word: Koxbox. In the second edition they clarified things a bit by adding another: Psychopod.

Download or stream:

Title:  Koxopod!
Length: 84:27
Size:   131MB
Format: MP3 (LAME v??? –preset standard)

01 Psychopod – Out Of Your Mind [TIPCDS026]
02 Koxbox – Too Pure [BR030CD]
03 Psychopod – Dreampod [TIPCD14]
04 Koxbox – Fuel On [TIPCD04]
05 Psychopod – Psychopod [TIPLP08]
06 Koxbox – Stratosfear [BR013CD]
07 Koxbox – Life Is… (Master mix) [BR055CD]
08 Psychopod – Universal Mind [TIPCDS026]
09 Koxbox – D. M. Turner [ORCD54234]
10 Psychopod – Friagram [TIPCDS026]

When everyone else was busy slathering their tracks with eastern minor scales and layers of melodic leads, these guys were constructing some of the tweakiest, wickedly-intricate psychedelic spaghetti soup trance ever to be created. Back in ’97 when I first heard Dragon Tales, it was so different from anything else I was listening to at the time – so “plinky ploinky” – that I honestly didn’t care for it. This is because my brain was unprepared for the psychedelic syrup tsunami that mid-late nineties Koxbox unleashed upon my feeble mind. In certain conditions, this music has been known to facilitate human-to-centipede metamorphosis – it is not for the beginner. It is music that conjures crystalline eels writhing in multi-hued obsidian love-goo at the edge of the event horizon. Yes, the event horizon. You know the one.

This is one of my older mixes but remains one of my favorites. Although I’ve likely listened to each of the tracks in this mix a couple of hundred times a piece, their intricacy continues to allow for the discovery of hidden hallows in the insectoid tunnels of the mind mine. Koxbox were able to dump layer upon layer of “weird noises” over one another, each of which compliments the other without muddying the audial landscape. It’s not dark, it’s not uplifting, it just is. And it kicks ass.

Happy swimming!

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  1. Dec 3 2009

    I had the saem reaction to “dragon tales” upon first hearing it also, now I, still, can’t get enuff of this era Koxopod. Although “Universal Mind” I could never get loud enuff, it took me to another place mentally.

  2. dimitris
    Jul 27 2013

    franke would be proud of it

  3. Jul 28 2013

    Thank you so much, dimitris. Very glad you like it, that is quite the compliment! 🙂

  4. denn
    Aug 9 2013

    hahaha…just came across this…such a brilliant description of the kox-o-pod’s in the about section 🙂 !!! from the heart i’d say… “this music has been known to facilitate human-to-centipede metamorphosis” …ooooo yea…hahaha…feeling that with every knob turn of theirs…arrrrr.. ehehe .. thx, nice collection here 🙂

  5. Nov 11 2014

    If you like our old stuff, we’ve done some new mixes from the old Psychopod multitrack tapes that you might find interesting. “Re:maxes” we call them. Stop by Soundcloud to have a listen to some sound bytes:

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