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January 19, 2009


Now and Then, Part 2 (Then)

by goatranch

And now, then. A companion to Now & Then Part 1, we have here the original versions of each track dropped into a mix for your evaluation.

Download or stream:

DJ:  Marsh
Title:  Now & Then, Part 2: Then
Length: 79:27
Size:   120MB
Format: MP3 (LAME 3.97.1 –preset standard)

01 Etnica – Trip Tonite [BR014CD]
02 Transwave – Land Of Freedom [SUB4809.2]
03 Astral Projection – Aurora Borealis [2041-2]
04 Chakra & Edi Mis – X-File [KRBCD001]
05 The Infinity Project – Stimuli [TIPCD1]
06 Blue Planet Corporation – Alidade [AFRCD17]
07 Psychaos – Chaos To Order [TRA039]
08 Koxbox – Electronic Brainwash [BR058CD]
09 Etnica – Vimana [BR027]
10 Spectral – Kundalini [BR004]
11 Crop Circles – Lunar Civilization [AURAEP003]

Yes, ideally the track order in this mix would’ve exactly matched that of Part 1, though due to some wildly differing BPMs between a few of the originals and their remixes, that would’ve just plain sounded bad. Also, I had to get a bit creative on one of the mixes; those of you who know these tracks like the back of your hand will no doubt catch it – hopefully it works as “interesting”, not jolting.

Well, whaddya think? Remixes or originals?

Enjoy, please!

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  1. Kasper
    Jan 27 2009

    Originals, definitely! While your previous mix certainly had it’s share of interesting tracks, this is just that much better. Land of Freedom, Alidade, Chaos To Order, and Electronic Brainwash are all magical tracks. Great mix!

  2. Jul 2 2009

    I think that this mix trumps the “Now” mix, since it is old school. Comparing the 2, there is so much more effort and variation in the tracks. The “Now” mix reduced many of the tracks to the standard psy beat, good for dancing but little soul in the track.

    Once again, love the mix, and thank you for sharing. It’s provided many happy hours of listening.

  3. ~~mycophilia~~
    Feb 11 2010

    first thanxxx to you for all your work for us….my comment to the now and then takes is crystal clear….then….the sound in the 90-ies was different, and if anybody says no, than he don’t know. other technics, other hardware…sooooo many diffrent styles we just have. i never heard from dard psy in 1995….or i was too young ;=)) this was the time were psy trance infected my consiousness and a new way of live began….also i prefer the originals, the ol’ skool stuff.but for what we have this lot of technik..if i wan’t a trakk a little bit other, i sit to the laptop and do till the sound is that i like it.. really thxxxxxxxx for your free albums and soo many songs i’ve learnd known in an other style….go on and take the sun with you , you both, you and your wife……greetz isabel

  4. Feb 14 2010

    Thanks for the thanks, I’m honored by your kinds words, Isabel! 🙂

  5. Jan 10 2011


    This mix is like some good manali charas or fine french wine – gets better with age if kept at the right temperature. I heard it again this morning after a year or so, and its blew me away again !

    Truly stellar selection of tracks Marsh !! Top Stuff !

  6. Jan 11 2011

    Thanks, TTT! 😀

  7. TTT
    Oct 14 2011

    Listening round 5 on this one now… 25 minutes in and the familiar big smile seems to be insisting on staying plastered across me face…

    Did I tell you I was enjoying this one in Goa when I went last Feb ?

    LOVE IT!

  8. Dec 3 2011

    Really really enjoyed this. Nice stuff!

  9. Thomas
    Jun 9 2012

    No words other than outstanding in every way …. transports me right back to those golden days! Much obligated … 😉

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