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December 31, 2008


Mixed Nuts, No Peanuts

by goatranch

When you buy a can of mixed nuts, it’s usually 75% peanuts. Peanuts are fine, don’t get me wrong, but when you get another type of nut in-hand it’s quite exciting, and for some reason seems to be extra tasty. Well, this old-school Goa trance mix is like a can of mixed nuts, but with no peanuts. All exciting, all tasty, all the time.

Download or stream:

DJ:  Marsh
Title:  Mixed Nuts, No Peanuts
Length: 72:40
Size:   104MB
Format: MP3 (–preset standard)

01 Montauk P – About Montauk [BR073CD]
02 Space Tribe – Atomic Pow Wow [SPZN017]
03 Planet B.E.N. – Welcome to the Future [PR0014CL]
04 Mindfield – Let’s Get Stoned and Watch the Freaks [PTM11]
05 Psy Phy Six – Quirly Bazar [BTM106]
06 Biot – Sol Stream [BTM104]
07 Orichalcum & The Deviant – The Curse of Uqbhar (Nasty Mix) [TIPCD11]
08 Cydonia – Haunted World [BR079CD]
09 Prana – Message for Eastedge (Trance Express mix) [MPCD01]
10 Battle of the Future Buddhas – Tranceportamental [BOOMCD003]

Another set of tracks I’ve not commonly seen in old-school mixes, this one was put together after tossing a bunch of stuff into the Winamp playlist, listening for a few days while working, and piping the ones that caught my ear into a new playlist. Each track seems to have its own little hook, and for some odd reason the mix as a whole brings to mind the word “underdog”. Maybe this is because – again – these tracks don’t seem to grace old-school Goa mixes very often, and I think they’d do quite well if given the chance to get off the bench and onto the field.


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  1. Jul 2 2009

    Thanks for this mix, yet again a mix I enjoyed a lot and listened to many times. It really helped me to understand that I enjoyed old school more than the new psy stuff.

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