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August 15, 2009


Practus Cactus

by goatranch

Hello from Nuevo Mexico! Somehow “new mix coming soon” turned into 5 months…whoopsies.

Download or stream:

DJ:  Marsh
Title:  Practus Cactus
Length: 74:13
Size:   112MB
Format: MP3 (LAME 3.98.2 -V2)

01 Necton – Slowmotion
02 Deedrah – Claro!
03 Wizzy Noise – Error
04 Lube – Frogrock
05 Psychonaut – Brainshaker
06 Igneus Sauria – Next
07 Process – Funktion Junktion
08 Mumbo Jumbo – Techno Boom Boom
09 Jammy Wizard – AngstRom Dispidooshan
10 Tristan – Martian Arts
11 Ocelot – Don’t Freak Out

Moving half-way across the country has been quite an experience and my normal routine was blown to bits by doing so (a welcomed happenstance). Thus, it’s taken me quite awhile to finally get my shit together with regards to getting back to DJing and posting mixes.

Here we have a bit of music that I call a “practice mix.” Although I use Mixmeister for DJing, a five month break even when using software has shown me to have gotten a bit rusty. The tracks in this mix range from 134 to 146 BPM, and vary greatly in style. I grabbed tracks from all over the place all willy-nilly style; there’s some really old stuff and some newer stuff, minimal deep stuff and maximal tweaky stuff. (read: no flow!) 🙂

This one’s a brain-challenger with all the switching around, and there are some ridiculously psychedelic tracks included. I’m not sure if this mix will stand the test of time or slip to the back of the stack due to lack of flow or theme, but I’d be interested to hear what ya’ll think. It’s definitely not in line with the style of the mixes up on the Goat Ranch so far, so give ‘er a whirl if you’re in the mood for something different.

ps. Special thanks to A & P for the cactus pic!

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  1. Shaun
    Aug 15 2009

    Glad I saw your post on FB. Now I’s got me some new tunes!

  2. Jeremy
    Sep 15 2009

    !Orale! (read upside down exclamation point at front) You’re back! I figured you’d be down for a while as you relocate, change jobs and roast green chile!
    Thanks for the new post! I will comment after spinning the tunes.

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