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January 7, 2009


Now and Then, Part 1 (Now)

by goatranch

This week’s mix – and the first of the New Year! – is the first in a two-part series entitled Now & Then; this being the “Now” part. The mix consists entirely of modern-day remixes of classic Goa trance tracks, and while some of the originals of these tracks are more “classic” than others, each has stood the test of time and they have as such warranted remixes even 10-12 years later.

Download or stream:

DJ:  Marsh
Title:  Now & Then, Part 1
Length: 77:31
Size:   127MB
Format: MP3 (LAME 3.98.2 –preset fast standard)

01 The Infinity Project – Stimuli (Hallucinogen remix) [TIPWCD35]
02 Blue Planet Corporation – Alidade (Wizzy Noise remix) [CFRCD15]
03 Chakra & Edi Mis – X-File (Species remix) [ET-015]
04 Psychaos – Chaos To Order (Joti Sidhu remix) [NBRCD013]
05 Etnica – Trip Tonite (Fractal Glider remix) [BOOMCD019]
06 Astral Projection – Aurora Borealis (Deedrah remix) [TRANR650CD]
07 Psychopod – Frankie’s Farm (GMS remix) [SPUNCD02]
08 Etnica – Vimana (Back 2 Old School Mix By Dickster) [ET-017]
09 Crop Circles – Lunar Civilization (Filteria’s Higher remix) [SUNCD04]
10 Spectral – Kundalini (GMS remix) [SPUNCD006]
11 Deedrah – Land Of Freedom (2001 remix) [HADSHCD12]

It’s always a bit more difficult for me to put together a “planned” mix, it seems, but I wanted to pick tracks that were all classics and all remixed by those other than the original producer. In this I failed on Transwave’s “Land Of Freedom”, of which Deedrah was a member, and Psychaos’ “Chaos To Order”, remixed by Joti himself. As for repeats, I ended up with two GMS- and two Deedrah-remixed tracks, but wanted to stick with them because I think they’re great remixes. To note, “Frankie’s Farm” is actually a remix of the Koxbox track “Electric Brainwash”, found on their Dragon Tales album.

Do these remixes update good, yet dated tracks and make them even better? Or are they blasphemous abominations, defiling the holy originals and killing their cosmic trance dance spirit? I leave this to you, the listener, to decide! 🙂

Please, for the love of all that is right and good in the world, enjoy the mix.

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  1. Kasper
    Jan 9 2009

    Thank you for the mix! It’s got a nice flow to it. There’s only one “blasphemous abomination” among the included tracks: Psychopod – Frankie’s Farm (GMS remix). Compared to the original I find it absolutely horrible. All the intricacies and the baffling complexity of the original Koxbox track is gone. This newer version is merely an uninspired copy-paste job. Sorry about the rant, but I just hold Dragontales in such high regard. That album is an unparallelled feat in the history of psychedelic trance. That aside, it’s a good mix and an excellent soundtrack for my next jog. 🙂

  2. goatranch
    Jan 9 2009

    Rants are exactly what the comments should be used for! I totally hear you on the blasphemitude of Electronic Brainwash. Dragon Tales is and always will be in my top 5 all-time favorites of any album ever produced, and I feel it might be just about impossible to top the originals that appear on the album. Dragon Tales-era Koxbox is without a doubt some of the most psychedelic music ever produced, and a near Herculean feat would be required to not defile the original on a remix.

    Thanks for the comment, and glad you dug the mix!

  3. Jan 21 2009

    Nice mix, but I think I will enjoy the “then” part a lot more 🙂 Little comment regarding frankies farm : I too found it horrible when I first listened to it compared to the intricacies of the original, but it grew on me, and I like it very much now, it has some kind of raw power I think! On the other hand I find the vimana and trip tonite remixes quite horrible.

  4. Jan 11 2011

    Superb mix as usual Marsh !

    Though, with the others I have to agree…
    All in all, its “Then” for me ! 🙂

    Oh and balancing out Mr. Vincent’s comment, I love the Fractal Glider remix of Trip Tonite. Certainly my favourite FG track (though I haven’t heard too many) !

    And for a bit of GMS bashing – why would they ruin a track as beautiful as Kundalini !!?! 😦

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