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Mind Rewind

[SORRY, SOLD OUT!] The Goat Ranch is extremely pleased to announce a new 2-CD compilation from DAT Records sub-label DAT Mafia RecordingsMind Rewind. Read on for full release information, sound clips, and purchasing details! Read more »

DJ Solitare - The Future Was Now (the tracks)

DJ Solitare – The Future Was Now: The Tracks

The long-awaited track list for DJ Solitare’s mix The Future Was Now is finally revealed! More than a mere track listing, read on for Mark’s incredibly thorough recounting of each of the 30 tracks in the mix, with trivia and personal anecdotes that really lend this mix historical value.

Below are my notes for the tracks that I have used in this mix. There is a lot of detail here, but there are lots of musical details in each of these tracks, and everything we work with in our lives has lots of associations like these.Read more »


Goat Ranch Twitter Feed

I did it. I caved. I have an actual honest-to-goodness Twitter account, now.

Behold, the Goat Ranch Twitter Feed Of Old-School Awesomeness: Read more »


Bandwidth Exceeded

Well, I figured this might happen eventually, but I find it humorous it occurred on the last day of the month:

Since you have exceeded your monthly data transfer (bandwidth) limit, Web traffic to your Website has been suspended for the remainder of the month.

Whoopsies! 😦

For you folks wanting to download a mix, please be patient and try again tomorrow (September 1st) when the counters are reset. Sorry for the inconvenience!


The Afterparty

Well, now what? After a kickass event like that, what’s next on the Goat Ranch?

First, a big thank you to everyone for a successful Global Goa Party! The DJs seriously rocked it, laying down some killer sets and everyone coming through on time by delivering their sets before the big Digitally Imported broadcast. The listeners came through as well, with over 500 people tuned into the broadcast on and 300+ downloads of the Love Gravy mixes. People apparently still like the old stuff!

Now, on to future happenings at the Goat Ranch… Read more »


Welcome to the Goat Ranch!

The plan for the Goat Ranch is to provide a way for me to easily distribute my mixes from a central location, talk a bit about each mix, and allow others to comment on said mixes. Music will predominantly be of the mid-to-late 1990’s Goa trance flavor, with a smattering of later psychedelic trance and other styles thrown in from time to time.

Mix posting frequency is expected to be weekly each Thursday, so check back each week for your 604 fix, and feel free to comment on anything. If there’s one thing I like to yammer on about, it’s old-school Goa, so don’t be afraid to yack it up!

Before I end this inaugural post, I’d like to point you, dear reader, to a most joyously anticipated release:

Crop Circles – Tetrahedron [DATCD001]