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July 24, 2010


The Afterparty

by goatranch

Well, now what? After a kickass event like that, what’s next on the Goat Ranch?

First, a big thank you to everyone for a successful Global Goa Party! The DJs seriously rocked it, laying down some killer sets and everyone coming through on time by delivering their sets before the big Digitally Imported broadcast. The listeners came through as well, with over 500 people tuned into the broadcast on and 300+ downloads of the Love Gravy mixes. People apparently still like the old stuff!

Now, on to future happenings at the Goat Ranch…

First up, it looks like there’s going to be both Psychaos and Hux Flux artist mixes making an appearance – those two have been neck-and-neck during the duration of the poll. To be honest, I already have the Psychaos mix done so that’ll be posted first. Then, when I get some motivation and the sun goes behind the clouds long enough for me to lock myself in the studio for a few hours, I’ll record the Hux Flux mix.

I also have a “sloa-goa” set in the works – that abomination of 45rpm records played at 33rpm and pitched up a bit. Some people hate it, some people love it, so we’ll see what comes out the other side and whether I like the mix enough at the end to post it. One of the first Goa trance mixtapes I got my hands on was sloa-goa, mixed by one of the best Goa DJs I’ve heard to this day (Sogon) so it’ll be a lot to live up to. It probably won’t, but hopefully it’ll sound good enough to share.

With regards to future collaborative events, I’m going to stew on that one a bit. They’re a lot of work, so I think a few months break is in order before launching the next one. Plus, I have to think some something fun…if you have any ideas, send ’em on!

Another thing I’d love to do is host other DJ’s old-school Goa and psychedelic trance mixes here at the Goat Ranch. There are various forums all over the place where people post their mixes, but I’m interested in providing a single spot for people to come to get their old-school fix. Not sure there’s any interest in this, but I’ll put out the offer just in case.

Have a mix you’d like to have appear on the Goat Ranch? Feel free to send it to marsh[at] I only ask that you observe the following guidelines:

  • Length: 74min-180min
  • Format: 320kbs MP3
  • Years: 1993-1999 preferred (not a hard-and-fast rule – there’s awesomeness outside those years. If it sounds like old-school Goa or psy, do it.)
  • Tracklist: Very important – include a tracklist, and include the source of each track. Sending Discogs links for the release each track is from will get you a gold star, and makes my life way easier when posting your mix.
  • Description: Short description of your mix – listeners love to hear your thoughts and motivations behind it.
  • Cover Art: Optional, but cool. Doesn’t have to be professional (have you seen mine?) but really adds to the mix posting. If you don’t send one, I’ll make one up…do you really want that? 🙂

Well, that’s about it for now. Remember: keep it real, keep it psychedelic, and you might as well keep it real psychedelic while you’re at it.

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  1. TTT
    Aug 26 2011

    so………………… where’s this psychaos mix then ????

  2. Aug 27 2011

    It’s been done for quite some time, and I even have a post for it mostly finised, but there’s a glitch in one of the tracks in the mix that’ll have to be fixed, first. Plus, with Mind Rewind out now, there’s a track or two of Joti’s I’d like to add (Return Voyage for sure). It’ll make an appearance at some point, I promise!

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