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August 23, 2011


Mind Rewind

by goatranch

[SORRY, SOLD OUT!] The Goat Ranch is extremely pleased to announce a new 2-CD compilation from DAT Records sub-label DAT Mafia RecordingsMind Rewind. Read on for full release information, sound clips, and purchasing details!

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Sorry, Mind Rewind has SOLD OUT. Thank you so much to everyone for your help in making this effort so successful!

Release Information
The psychedelic trance music from the early days of the scene holds a special place in many people’s hearts. The enthusiasm, emotion, and energy in the music was palpable to all who attended parties and listened to the music of the time. A dedicated group of collectors united from the Discogs forum have collaborated to produce a limited edition 2-CD set of rare tracks from the early days that is sure to bring some spine-tingling vibrations to fans of this music.

Mind Rewind features 20 tracks by some of the top artists of the scene, all of them new to CD. Much of the music played at parties in the early days circulated on digital audio tape and would not be released, only being heard at Goa-style events. This compilation on DAT Mafia Recordings features top tracks from these formative years of the psychedelic trance scene. There are three vinyl-only releases here, two of them featuring Simon Posford, with the rest having never been released in any format.

Among the gems are three tracks featuring Psychaos’ Joti Sidhu, two of them rare collaborations (one with Ofer, the other with Etnica); a different mix of Doof’s classic Mars Needs Women; a collaboration between Graham Wood of The Infinity Project and Serge Souque of Total Eclipse; and an unissued edit of Kwo-Ne-She by The Green Nuns of the Revolution that member Dick Trevor prefers to the released version. The other brilliant artists featured on the compilation include Etnica, Total Eclipse, Electric Universe, Dimension 5, Deflo, Zerotonine, Blue Planet Corporation, Slinky Nuns, The Muses Rapt, Uni-vers Concept, Infinite Zen, Mushroomman, and Aural Planet.

This limited edition release features tracks generously donated by the artists to raise money for the Goa-based charity Children Walking Tall, and is limited to 604 printed copies. With stunning graphic design and a 12-page booklet featuring detailed notes about the music and the sessions behind them provided by the artists themselves, this set is sure to be a treasured release for the trance-spotting collector.

Title: Mind Rewind
Label: DAT Mafia Recordings
Catalog#: DMRCD01
Format: 2 × CD, Compilation, Limited Edition
Country: Italy
Released: 01 Sep 2011
Style: Goa Trance
Mastered by: Colin Bennun

01 Green Nuns Of The Revolution – Kwo-Ne-She (Original Unreleased Version)
02 Deflo – Salt Lake
03 Doof – Mars Needs Women (Just 3 Words Mix)
04 Etnichaos – The Other Side Of Reality
05 Dimension 5 – Ganymede (Guitar Mix)
06 Infinite Zen – Friends From Tau-Ceti
07 Etnica – Shadow Dance
08 Slinky Nuns – Caught In The Zipper
09 Zerotonine – Two Faces
10 Blue Planet Corporation – High NRG

01 Joti & Ofer – No Name
02 Total Eclipse – Sound Is Solid (Total Eclipse & Simon Posford Remix)
03 Graham & Serge – The Full Monty
04 The Muses Rapt – Mediums Of Trance
05 Psychaos – Return Voyage
06 Mushroomman – N.I.S.
07 Uni-Vers Concept – Phase One
08 Electric Universe – Rain (Original Unreleased Version)
09 Aural Planet – Changing My Mind
10 North Central Positronics – The Great Bear


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  1. Aug 27 2011

    Fantastic tunes and a charitable cause! What’s not to love? Thanks for all this, Marsh.

  2. Aug 27 2011

    You’re quite welcome, sir! Though, I am but one small cog in a much larger machine; the 30+ other members of the project deserve at least as much thanks as I do. 🙂

  3. Juan Verdera
    Aug 28 2011

    Congratulations !! i m proud of this !!!

  4. Aug 28 2011

    om. BOOMMMM… just bought my copy today! Thanx for the gift! Peace & Sounds!!!!

  5. Aug 29 2011

    And thank you, Juan, for your wonderful contribution! We obviously couldn’t have done it without artists such as yourself.

  6. Aug 29 2011

    Some things are just meant to happen. Truly a cosmic creation for us all. When love is the spirit, anything is possible.


  7. The Sun, The Sky And The Moon
    Aug 30 2011

    Great looking tunes and package!
    Thanks to all involved for the obvious hard work and effort. Cannot wait to get this!

  8. Krankjoris
    Aug 31 2011

    I just got my copy today and i have to say it’s a great collection of music. I also like the artwork and the info about the tracks and it is for a good cause. Thanks to everybody involved who made this great release possible!

  9. Sep 6 2011

    ॐ नमः शिवाय


  10. goaboa
    Sep 6 2011

    Just got one! Pure and amazing vibes music. Thanks for such great release in 2011!!! +)

  11. Sep 6 2011

    Got mine today as well ! / Infra

  12. Best old-school GOA compilation since the golden GOA era!!!! Bom Shankar to everyone!!!!! I love all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Sep 16 2011

    So glad you all are enjoying it so much – thanks for the thanks! It warms the heart. 🙂

  14. Sep 17 2011

    The Muses Rapt – “Mediums Of Trance”
    (as featured on the “Mind Rewind” compilation)

  15. Sep 17 2011

    Oops, I messed up the titles ,lol
    That Dimension 5 is also featured on “Mind Rewind” (first time on CD)
    Here’s The Muses Rapt – “Mediums Of Trance” (with Juan’s special intro…)

  16. Dharavi_Guide
    Sep 21 2011

    Thanks from Russia! I wish Mind Rewind is only the first compilation and other coming soon))))).

  17. Sep 24 2011

    Looks like there will be more 😉
    Here’s another video I’ve made:

  18. denn
    Sep 24 2011

    absolutely love what u ppl have done here..trully trully wish all those involved in the idea & creation of this the most wholesome love, appreciation & best wishes..full power energy to u all..thank you for spreading the music. .d
    ps. just ordered my cd now 🙂 !! look forward to it..

  19. petros
    Sep 27 2011

    old is gold……thanks

  20. dimitrios kanakis
    Sep 28 2011

    hey..i just got the compilation but 3 tracks wont playing(bp corp.aural planet and the north pisitronics tracks)what can we do about it?thank you!!

  21. Sep 28 2011

    @dimitrios: Oh no! Please send email to mindrewind [at] and we’ll get you sorted out.

  22. dimitrios
    Sep 28 2011

    problem fixed…thank you!!!

  23. Rotem (Abstructure)
    Oct 1 2011

  24. denn
    Oct 3 2011

    hiya marsh..just got my cds too..firstly have to mention that its a real collectors piece 🙂 ..nice jewel case, good to see hand drawn artwork as opposed to most of the new age computer gfx (which i myself do by the…all feels good..but i too have a problem..its only with disc2..2 tracks dont play..tracks 1 & 4..i will send u an email at the above addr in a short while…big thanks once again to all those involved in sharing this out to the world..for me personally hearing them loud all day today..i was dreaming of disco valley again !!! 🙂 !!! love it… 😉

  25. gizmex
    Oct 3 2011

    Hi denn, please try at different hardware. Unfortunetly we don’t know why, but this cd refuse to play properly in small amount of media, usualy computer/laptop drives.

  26. denn
    Oct 3 2011

    i tried it in a panasonic 5 cd changer mini compo.. & then in a friends pioneer cdj, now also trying in my computer here..same story.. on looking at the cd..defects are visible in the way that there is a scar about 1cm in length close to the inner ring of the cd & also a kind of wave in the magnetic layer..if u really need, tomm morning i will try to take a picture & mail it to u..not sure if the camera will be able to catch the wave, but the scratch for sure..let me know if u really need that..thanks for the reply & support

  27. Matija
    Oct 16 2011


    I bought (or at least I thought I did) the compilation on Oct 9, 2011 03:36:47 PDT according to PayPal. Was I too late, or…? I got no emails from you or PayPal since then.

  28. Oct 18 2011

    Hi Matija,

    Can you please send an email with your details — email address, shipping address, etc to

    Someone will look into the matter, thank you.

  29. Oct 20 2011

  30. Oct 20 2011

  31. wilkie
    Nov 18 2011

    i have waited 15 years to hear this copy of mars needs women! i knew it existed..and i didnt imagine it… was played by a dj on dats in cape town at alien safari at the crayfish factory 1995 – 6 ! damn i should have asked dick or colin or many of the others i know in the scene….nothing rocks like the old original stuff…the riff just keeps going…!……..

  32. Chris Olerich
    Mar 18 2013

    Wow, this comp looks amazing, too bad I missed out and it is sold out. I am a huge lover and collector of old school goa/psy, and I would love to add this to my collection. Is there any legitimate way to get this? I imagine that reprinting CDs would be far too expensive, but is there a way to buy this digitally? I would be more than happy to fork over $20 for a link to download this album, as these are all really hard to find tracks and I want to support what you guys are doing to keep this music alive. Let me know what you can do, thanks.

  33. a5555f
    Jan 28 2014

    Looking to buy this digitally. Anybody out there?

  34. Jan 29 2014

    Sorry, this release has not been issued in digital format. There has been some talk of a repress of the CD version, however, I don’t think anything has been set in stone. Best course of action for keeping up to date on any Mind Rewind-related developments is to follow the MR page on Facebook (if you’re into that sort of thing):

  35. Excellent web site. A lot of helpful information here.
    I’m sending it to several pals ans also sharing in delicious.

    And naturally, thanks in your effort!

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