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January 6, 2013


Darshan Double-Dipped

by goatranch

Two for the price of one! The Goat Ranch presents two Darshan single-artist mixes from guest DJ AztroNaut: full, dark, brooding Goa trance with enough energy to split atoms.

I remember quite vividly Darshan’s Awakening album release. I was already a Darshan fan due to tracks like Windchime and Ephemeral, but when this album was unleashed upon the psychedelic trance underground, I gained a new respect for the Grant Collins/Mark Robinson duo that had assembled such an emotive, cohesive piece of music. It was melodic, sure, but it was dark, driving, and full of an incredible pulsating psychedelic energy.

Compiled and mixed by AztroNaut in the spring of 2000 using 2 Pioneer CDJs, here are two Darshan single-artist mixes sure to please the old-school Goa trance fan.

Download or stream Darshan @ 146:

DJ: AztroNaut
Title: Darshan @ 146
Format: MP3 (320kbps CBR)
Duration: 82:45

01 Neuroscanner
02 Sun Probe
03 Awaken
04 Kyma
05 New World
06 Accelerator
07 Navigator
08 Digital Damage
09 Lunar Sunrise
10 The Beast

Download or stream Darshan @ 150:

DJ: AztroNaut
Title: Darshan @ 150
Format: MP3 (320kbps CBR)
Duration: 85:38

01 Electroplasm
02 Ephemeral
03 Rapid Flight
04 Tranceformations
05 Psychokinesis
06 ECG
07 Windchime
08 Morphic Resonance
09 Duck
10 Black Magic
11 Anja
12 Mind Merge

AztroNaut gives us a some insight into himself and these mixes:

I am now 40 years old and have loved Goa trance since ’98. I also love progressive house and death metal + some rock. I’ve done artist mixes and other concept mixes for 13 years, and still counting. I haven’t been spinning “officially” for the last decade due to various reasons, but I’m happy to carry on  at home.

Darshan was a project I fell in love with in ’98 and once I started DJing, I had a desire to mix my favourite tracks from them.  Not that many tracks were licensed back then, so in order to fully dig Darshan I had to collect all tracks on minidisc, and the idea of a mix was born. This was my third artist mix recorded to minidisc. These types of mixes with only one artist weren’t something I could flag high since most people care to hear different [artists in a mix]. Therefore, along with others, this was stored on MD which only recently have been revisited. Nothing but volume adjustments have been done with the mixes as I feel they still are as good as I could possibly make them (the only transition I’m not satisfied with is Duck & Black Magic).

I’ve recorded more artist mixes than anything else, and I’m happy to do them since not that many choose the same. The challenge is at least on a level with mixes of unlimited choices; artist mixes have a very limited amount of tracks and possibilities from which to pick – it still has to sound natural and carry a nice flow. 

Whether you like Darshan already or have newly discovered them, here’s your chance to listen to the best of their collection in two parts.

A stunning effort exhibited in both, AztroNaut – thank you!

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  1. isapien1956672
    Jan 6 2013

    Awesome!!! I made one of these for my self back in the late 90’s because I loved Darshan and only had their stuff on vinyl, I made my mix into minidisc to listen in my car.., these are dope, thanks…

  2. shivatronic
    Jan 6 2013

    Really good to get back on track with Darshan!!! loved that artist also … 🙂

  3. Hexfire
    Jan 8 2013

    Darshan is my favourite oldschool goa project ever, one of the most unique and one of the rare ones which you may justly refer to “dark goa” (not so much dark goa was in nineties!).

    Thanks for the effort!

  4. Jan 10 2013

    Totally forgot how much I love Darshan! Thanks for this!

  5. iSapien1956672
    Feb 3 2013

    the post says AztroNaut, but the Download says Deepfish… what’s the real name for the DJ?

  6. Feb 4 2013

    It’s AztroNaut. Deepfish is my username @discogs and my DJ name when i mix other genres than goa.

  7. Eugene
    Feb 5 2013

    A little mistake here: both online players stream the same “146” mix.
    Also, AztroNaut, I don’t quite understand about the licensing you was talking about and in general: your discogs collection seems to be containing quite many goa-trance albums and compilations, however, “Awakening” album and “vinyl only” tracks, like “Mind Merge”, “Windchime” and others are not there…

    Thanks for the attention.

  8. Feb 5 2013

    Licensed outside Flying Rhino. FR weren’t among the record companies very present in my country before 2001. I had to record my own copy of Awakening + borrow some of the vinyls. But my collection online isn’t the same as back then. I’ve sold 99% of my vinyls and some cds.

  9. Eugene
    Feb 5 2013

    Hm, how’s that did you “record your own copy” of Awakening? Do you mean copying from vinyls to other portable media?

    I’m asking this to try to clarify for myself, if should get myself vinyl copies of the tracks I really like or is it enough to, maybe, listen some mixes which contain them?
    Thus trying to find the mixes which were made using the “original” material..

  10. Feb 9 2013

    Fixed the streaming players, they now play the correct files. Sorry for any inconvenience, folks!

  11. Jun 20 2013

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  12. Jun 27 2013

    Hi Colby,

    It is not difficult at all, actually, but does require some outlay of cash. The Goat Ranch is hosted by WordPress itself and uses a “premium” theme. There are costs involved, of course, such as the domain registration (from any registrar) and various add-ons from WordPress: “no ads” add-on, “storage space” add-on (e.g. 50G storage and allows media upload), a “premium theme” add-on if you so wish, and the “domain add-on” that allows mapping your registered domain name to a WordPress blog (for example you can hit the blog via instead of

  13. Jul 5 2022

    Helloo nice post

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