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December 20, 2011


Hallucinary – Secret Society

by goatranch

I’d like to introduce you all to Hallucinary in his first (though hopefully not last!) appearance on the Ranch.  An all-vinyl analog trip, clickyclicky to check out the wiggly waveforms within…

Kicking off with classic ’95-’96 Goa trance sounds and ramping up to full-on ’98 stompers by the half-way mark, Hallucinary brings it down a notch for the the second half with some techy trance, then picks things up again and rolls it back to 1995 by the end.

Download or stream:


DJ: Hallucinary
Title: Secret Society
Format: MP3 (320kbps CBR)
Size: 260MB
Duration: 1hr 53min

01 Technossomy – Germination (Huge Rant Mix) [SYMB005]
02 Deviant Electronics – Army Of Darkness [HEX004]
03 Satori – Entropy [STAR005]
04 Laughing Buddha – Andromeda [TIP009]
05 Pleiadians – Universe 13 [BFLT50]
06 Slide – Alien Hitmen [TRA029]
07 Phreaky –  Over The Moon [BFLLP19]
08 Slide – The Search [TRA029]
09 Deviant Electronics – Psi Corps [HEX001]
10 Breach Of Space –  Two Mad Men [SYMB011]
11 Razors Edge – Tribal Sunrise (Alpha Mix) [MM008]
12 Germinating Seeds Of Doda – Midas [ADO-L01]
13 Polyploid – Akousmata [INTRU003]
14 Semsis – Storm In A Test Tube [ATOM002]
15 Deviant Electronics – Catacomb [HEX001]
16 Dimension 5 – Light Sensitive Data [D5003]
17 Technossomy -Timepiece [SYMB005]

Hallucinary: I started out mixing new-school (and still do) but once I got heavily into old-school, I found much new-school lacks the feel that I like. For me, old-school Goa has such an original sound that it didn’t take long before I became completely enveloped in it, and as I started collecting CDs I quickly found out that with the right CDs, you can create amazing variety.

Around May of this year, I started thinking about mixing vinyl; I wanted to go back to basics, really wanted to feel what it’s like to mix Goa using vinyl. To use tracks one can’t always get on CDs, I got out the Ion belt-drive decks I’ve had since 2004. Pitch control on these is not good, so a lot of the beat matching is done using my hands to control the speed of the track being mixed in. As I came to find out, vinyl is not cheap, and with vinyl this old you need the right needles and the right cleaners (got some pointers from Jim’ll Mixit who helped me alot – thanks Jim!!!).

Thanks for your submission, Hallucinary, and extra special thanks for being so patient. I’ve had this mix on my hard drive since around August, I believe…ouch.

Enjoy, everyone! 🙂

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  1. Dec 20 2011


  2. Dec 20 2011

    Really happy to see and hear this new mix on Goat Ranch from Hallucinary!
    A fine collection of alien soundscapes to journey through. And well mixed too.

    Love it 😀

  3. Dec 21 2011

    Very nice mix, thanks!

  4. Virg.
    Dec 21 2011

    😀 I miss old goa.

  5. Earwall
    Dec 21 2011

    Oh yes, will be downloading this on the double. From the tracklist I can tell it’ll be dark yet melodic, just the way I like my goa.

  6. nutjob4life
    Feb 7 2012

    I’ve been a huge fan of Hallucinary since I heard his first mix over on DI. He and I have had similar experiences with the psychedelic branch on the tree of trance: I too got into the scene with the club-friendly, metallic-sounding, high-speed psytrance. But I grew tired of its interminable repetition, its thin artifice.

    Luckily I found happiness in the old-school, organic sounds of Goa, the kinds of tracks that make you want to rip your clothes off, dance around the fire pit, and celebrate all of the Gaian mind and life-force energy surrounding us: a sound that’s authentic, reaching into the heartbeat of the earth, the pure essence of vivacious joy.

    Hallucinary’s done it again with “Secret Society”. It’s a distinct pleasure to hear him as a guest of Marsh and the Goat Ranch.

  7. Rob
    May 13 2012

    Just got round to listening to this. Brilliant stuff. These are the tunes that I remember getting so excited about. Nice work with vinyl and belt drives too. Its tricky, but what a rush when on the edge in a rolling but precarious mix.

    Cheers mate, and lets have more of that!

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