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January 7, 2012


kompressorkanonen – Lost Beaches

by goatranch

I’m very excited to present a special treat from kk – prolific collector, reviewer, and damn fine DJ whose mixes always have substance.

Basically a highly subjective interpretation of the evolution of the early 90’s Goa sound. The tracks are from 1989-1995, so most of them come from an era when the term “Goa trance” didn’t exist.

Every once in awhile someone will post a mix somewhere that has that something that makes it shinier than the rest of the rocks in the box. This is one of those mixes. kk originally posted this on Discogs over two years ago, but it deserves wider distribution than to the scant few of us Goa geeks who hang out in the Goa/Psy-trance forum. It really struck a chord with me, and is a wonderful bit of a history lesson for anyone into the Goa trance sound who wasn’t around in the “olden days.”

Download or stream:


DJ: kompressorkanonen
Title: Lost Beaches
Format: MP3 (320kbps CBR)
Size: 171MB
Duration: 74:43

01 Abfahrt – Alone (It’s Me) [ZYX 6140-12]
02 Konzept – Hypnautic Beats (Ambient 1990 Mix) [NEZ11]
03 Phantasia – Violet Skies (Instrumental) [MR005]
04 ASF – Inferno (Oscar Madness Mix) [MFF007t]
05 Trilithon – Choice (Synth Version) [MMA-462]
06 The Overlords – Sun Down (Sunfactor 909 – Comamix) [AS5051]
07 Voodoo People – Altitude (Malana Edit) [SR001]
08 Genetic – Transmission (Original Version) [BFLT13]
09 Atahualpa – Ultimo Imperio [ZYX 6379-12]
10 Electrotete – Alcatraz [APOLLO19]
11 Elysium – Interpretation of Dreams [NZ028]
12 Kode IV – Dissolve (Connection Dub) [KK089]
13 Voov – It’s Anything You Want it to Be, And It’s a Gas (Smoke Machine) [MFS70160]
14 Transwave – Goacore [560 0031 36]
15 G.G.E. – Uniform Planet (Orbit Trance) [FALD04]
16 Juno Reactor – High Energy Protons (Voodoo People Mix) [12NoMu27]

kk sheds some light on he and his mix here:


Music nut, vinyl freak and very occasional DJ. Based in Oslo, lived here all my life. The bulk of the collection consists of techno and ambient/IDM, but there’s a little bit of everything in there. Not a hardcore Goa fanatic, but have a soft spot for oldskool.

The mix:

Basically a highly subjective interpretation of the evolution of the early 90’s Goa sound. The tracks are from 1989-1995, so most of them come from an era when the term “Goa trance” didn’t exist. I’m no authority on this subject, I’ve never been to Goa and have no idea if all of these tracks were actually played there, but they definitely could have been… The purpose of this mix is to track the lineage from the industrial- and EBM-inspired techno sound of Germany and Belgium in the late 80’s/early 90’s to the earliest incarnations of Goa trance. One could also say that I’ve simply thrown together a few records that I happen to like. Whatever perspective you prefer, hope you enjoy it!

My perspective is that this is a great sampling of what is often termed proto-Goa, and with the tightly mixed yet quick-transition “DAT-style” mixing, I must say this mix freakin’ nails it. I have no doubt every one of these tracks echoed down the beach, numerous times.

Thanks for wicked mix, kk! 🙂

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  1. Earwall
    Jan 8 2012

    ASF – Inferno!!! Top tune.

    I think Goa Trance entered the popular lexicon in 94 (Oakenfold’s Goa mix, the first Concept In Dance compil). What’s printed on the menu isn’t as important as the actual dish, though. 🙂

  2. TreeTribe
    Jan 15 2012

    love it!

    a dash of excellence this one’s got… the entire mix has that magic that makes you feel like groovin’ from within. top class, really!

  3. Kucherman
    Feb 23 2012

    Brilliant! Your mix plays a few weeks ago on Ukrainian radioshow “Exaltation”! It was amazing!!! Thank for your work!

  4. Nov 11 2013

    Reblogged this on The Blog I Write Stuff In and commented:
    Right now: Listening to an old skool goa trance set by Spork for the 24-hour Global Goa Party originally streamed at’s Goa/Psy trance channel in July. It makes me a little sad that I wasn’t tuned in to the Goa trance phenonemon at the time it was at its peak, around 1994-1997 (though my favorite era was 1997-2001 really). Midnight parties on the beach when I am 14 years old, though, was not my thing yet at that time lol… but the classics are amazing and I am really enjoying listening to them. Magical! The post reblogged here is not the mix I am listening to, but it is a mix that kind of ‘foreshadows’ the goa trance movement/period, and sets you up for the evolution of one of electronic music’s greatest acheivements.

  5. Nov 24 2015

    Can this please be downloaded in lossless (WAV/ FLAC/ ALAC)? AMAZING MIX!

  6. Nov 28 2015

    Hi Brendan! Sorry, I do not have anything higher quality than the one available here. I’d recommend contacting kk via his Discogs profile, he may have it lying around in higher quality:

    Good luck!

  7. Mar 30 2018

    I was there in real time and this mix has touched my soul so thank you so much. the musicians who created this tracks were soooooo innovative and changed culture forever.

  8. Mar 30 2018

    So glad you liked it, Noa! This mix is most definitely one of the favorites over here at the ranch.

    Take care, and play loud! 🙂

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