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March 27, 2010


Entry #12: Jim Appleton – Spiritual Psychedelia

by goatranch

This entry into the Hunab-ku Magik Mix Contest is a phenomenal, mostly-vinyl mix dropping some of the best old-school Goa you can find. I know I’ve said “phenomenal”  a few times already during this contest, but really, this one rocks.

Download or stream:

DJ: Jim Appleton
Title: Spiritual Psychedelia
Length: 79:15
Size: 185MB
Format: MP3 (320kbps)

1. Eco – U.F.Olk [PDCD04]
2. Orion – Nazca Spider [SYMBLP006]
3. Shakta – Solar Nomads [PTMCD135]
4. Multiplex – Pure Illusion [PSI013]
5. M.F.G. – Shape The Future [SYMB14]
6. Lumen – Way Up In The Air [PTM26]
7. Nemesis – Two Worlds [TRA027]
8. Lunar Asylum – Moondog [PTMCD135]
9. Miranda – Gnocchi [KR014]
10.Laughing Buddha – Astral Traveller [TRA043]
11.Cydonia – The Kiddy [BR061]
12.Somaton – Nool Sonrg [CELT012]
13.Dimension 5 – Purple Om [INTA 02]

Here, Jim tells us about his mix:

As a brief description about myself and the mix. I’ve been Djing for a few years overall though I nearly hung up my gloves a couple of years ago for various reasons….but why give up something I love? 🙂

I recently resurrected my turntables from under the bed and now have my Technics 1210’s next to my Pioneer CDJ100’s. I’ve have actually only used a couple of CD’s in this mix purely because I wanted the vinyl reconnection.

So doing this mix has been like a resurrection for me also which is very positive – thank you.

Again I have to thank the DJ right back – thank you, Jim! This mix is freakin’ awesome. The opener by Eco – U.F.Olk – is a new one to me and I love it! Also new to me (that I can remember, at least) is Orion’s Nazca Spider, and again I love it. In my opinion, Solar Nomads is one of the best Shakta tracks out there, so what we’ve got here is a recipe for one of the best opening three tracks for a set that I’ve heard. Damn, I love this music.

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  1. shivatronic
    Apr 5 2010

    Some weird bug doesn’t allow me to DL this one…since many days…
    any explanations?
    thanx again for this great revival contest that puts me back on the vibes (not very far away in my mind thought)
    actually, i’m french and close friend of Blue planet corporation…
    Peace & Sound

  2. Apr 6 2010

    Hey Shivatronic, give it another try – I’ve renamed the file and taken out the apostrophe. Let me know if you still have trouble downloading it and I’ll figure out another way to get it to you.

    Glad you’re enjoying it, it’s great running it! 🙂

  3. Jim Appleton
    Apr 7 2010

    I’ve had great fun entering the competition marsh, thank you for your encouraging comments 🙂

  4. Jun 17 2010

    Been listening to most of the submissions so far, and loving every drop of them, but this one resonates that spiritual Goa vibe the best so far.

  5. Jun 28 2010

    Thanks for the comment, Evan! Jim nailed this one, for sure. I listen to this mix once a week or so and have been since the contest ended – it’s just so, so good. 🙂

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