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April 2, 2010


Entry #13: Venohm – Freaks Coming Back To Calangute

by goatranch

Lucky #13 is a mix from Venohm. The stats appear below, but sadly he’s requested that his mix remain private, restricting its dissemination further unless he wins the contest. (EDIT: Venohm has authorized posting of the mix! Woohoo!)

Download or stream:

DJ: Venohm
Title: Freaks Coming Back To Calangute
Length: 95:50
Size: 219MB
Format: MP3 (320kbps)

01 Bodh Gaya – Return of the Soul [HS CD 16]
02 Planet B.E.N. – Ant Invasion [PR 0014]
03 Dharma 7 – Inner-Spirits [PPCD01]
04 Tromesa –Trygon 8 [ST 330-2]
05 Elixir – Four Dimensional [CD 50 625]
06 Eat Static – Bony Incus (Man With No Name Remix) [CON 9601]
07 Joking Sphinx – Refuge Cannibale [7243 8 42813 2 8]
08 Nasha – Gaspacho Con Gus [IBIZA MUSIC 003]
09 Kuro – Plastomer 2 (Radio Edit) [TTT CD 004]
10 Kaaya – Ormazd [BFLT 36]
11 Witchcraft – Whale [702006]
12 Rainbow Spirit Featuring DJ Sangeet – Sirius Shuttle [symb cd 01]
13 Martin Cooper – Life Storm [ODF ST01]
14 Aeon – Osho [SSV 1Mn102]
15 Chi AD – Spirit [CUCD 01]
16 Paradise Connection – Portamento [HS CD 02]
17 Spectral – Celtic Alchemy (Nothing Is True Mix) [BR018CD]
18 Alien Mutation vs Indigo Egg – Cloudhopping [KINXCD4]

Here’s Venohm’s description of his mix:

Freaks coming back to Calangute…A colourful journey through some inexplicable events & obstacles on their way (or in their minds). 🙂 They make tenacious efforts to reach the beach. Amusing adventures end successfully and the freaks finally come to Calangute. 🙂

Back to the nineties. Back to that happy time.

Thanks, Venohm!

NOTE: There were two other mixes (one private, one public) that arrived just under the deadline, so the final mix – #14 – will be posted sometime in the next day or so. Busy few days coming up around here, so I thank you for your patience ahead of time! I’ll try to announce the winner this weekend, though not sure I can quite make it – we shall see. Thanks, everyone.

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  1. Joseph S
    Apr 21 2010

    Hello, I’m curious about the source of track 18. Above you have linked it to the Original Album but when I had that album I don’t remember my copy had that “man’s speech” towards the end. That speech I can remember it only on the compilation Goa-Head 5 and me myself put that note there.

    So my question is if either you sourced it from Goa-Head 5 and linked the album on here or if indeed your copy of the album has that speech – I can swear my (original) copy never had that speech sample there despite being the exact duration!

    Joseph Schembri

  2. venohm
    Apr 21 2010

    hello there,

    yeah, that speech in the end of the track “18. Alien Mutation vs Indigo Egg – Cloudhopping” is from my copy ofÄlien-Mutation-vs-Îndigo-Egg-Microcosmacrocosm/release/114742 (5. Part Five Cloudhopping 8:21). dunno how this could be 🙂


  3. Joseph S
    Apr 24 2010

    Well, I took a chance and emailed the person to whom I sold this long time ago. Let’s see if he gets back and most importantly if he still has CD 🙂

  4. Joseph S
    Apr 24 2010


    The buyer got back to me saying it has the speech sample. Looks like I was always asleep when I lisened to this


  5. guest
    Jan 25 2013

    OK, the mix is quite excellent 🙂

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