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March 27, 2010

Entry #11: The Tree Tribe – From Disco Valley To Eternity

by goatranch

The next entry into the Hunab-ku Magik Mix Contest is a very solidly-mixed trip back to the beaches of Goa by someone who was actually there.

Download or stream:

DJ: The Tree Tribe
Title: From Disco Valley To Eternity
Length: 84:59
Size: 194MB
Format: MP3 (320kbps)

01. Intro – Om Namah Shivaya
02. Black Sun – The Machine [BFLCD18]
03. Typhoon – Overture [MVCD-5091]
04. Total Eclipse – Space Clinic [BR016CD]
05. Quatermass – Kali [SPV089-38592]
06. Technossomy – Pyramid [TRIPCD3]
07. Orion – Liquid [SPV089-47532]
08. Parasyke – Tick [FUR001]
09. Beast – Spawn [TWSC666]
10. Chakra – Brain In The Box [3021322]
11. Green Nuns Of The Revolution – Ring Of Fire [3037162]
12. The Infinity Project – Alient Airport [TIPCD02]
13. Cydonia – Animals [DICCD124]
14. Killing Joke – Jana (Dragonfly Mix) [SPV089-47362]
15. Space Tribe – Flipout The Dolphin (Voodoo Edit) [DICCD124]

Here is Kunal’s (great) description of the mix:

For this mix, I wanted to try and bring back a *psychedelic flashback* of my first few parties in Maharashtra and north Goa in the late ’90s. The music still sounded very spacey with alien sounds geometrically shaped around beautifully twisted melodies, which all made perfect sense to me !

It was the impossible order among the chaos within the music that made it so special, unlike much of ‘psy-trance’ released in the last decade [:begin rant:]. Even the ‘darker’ and ‘scarier’ tracks inevitably had beautifully tweaked melodies deep within the layers – many that just erupted in digi-sonic perfection. Opposingly, modern psy-trance (for the most part) lacks the melodic aspect that is an absolutely essential part of any good piece of MUSIC. The word melody does not necessarily refer to a cheesy, sweeeter-than-sugar, Tiesto-pop tune, but can be created out of any sound at all (dark, light, friendly, scary, etc, etc). According to mel·o·dy – musical sounds in agreeable succession or arrangement. Much of the modern ‘psy-trance’ totally misses out on the “agreeable” bit and the sounds are just arranged following each other in succession like a well trained marching band – fun to watch for a few seconds but it gets boring really fast [:end rant:].

Nearly all tracks are from the alotted time-frame, bar one of my personal favourites (Parasyke’s Tick from 1999). I’ve also tried to find some lesser known tracks, however a few ‘hits’ like Pyramid, Ring Of Fire and Spawn, managed to fit themselves in quite well. Also, I have tried to keep my fondness for all things Posfordian slightly subtle in this mix, though it seeps out pretty clearly towards the end. Speed wise, we start off at the low 140 BPM’s, float up to 150 BPM before winding back down slightly dazed and confused… All in all, I’ve tried to keep it quintessentially GOA (just the way I like it).

Hope all you space-cadets enjoy it!

Anyone who digs old-school Goa trance will enjoy this mix, I have no doubt. A batch of tracks smoothly strung together that samples some of the hits as well as lesser well-known pieces – it’s a pleasure to hear. Technossomy’s Pyramid will always be one of the defining tracks of the genre for me as it was one of my first pieces of Goa trance vinyl that I acquired, and will always have a special place in my heart. Hearing it in a mix pleases me to no end. Thanks, Kunal, this mix is killer.

Kunal has his own music blog, check it to find more of his mixes!

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