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December 18, 2008


Hungry Hungry Hippocampus

by goatranch

This is it, the very first mix posted on the Goat Ranch! May the old-school Goa trance now floweth upon us all…

Download or stream:

Title:  Hungry Hungry Hippocampus
DJ: Marsh
Length: 73:38
Size:   112MB
Format: MP3

01 Mantaray – Anima Mundi [DMTCD03]
02 MFG – Journey Beyond The Planet [WHYCD04]
03 Exotonic – Creative Alternative [WHYCD02]
04 Brainflowers – Goaliens [WHYCD04]
05 Nucleus – Superluminal [BFLCD19]
06 Disco Volante – Moonraker (Man With No Name remix) [DA56000-2]
07 Miranda – Green Man [DA56017-2]
08 Chi AD – Spirit [CUCD01]
09 The Antidote – Sunrise [TIPLP08]
10 Zodiac Youth – Atoms (Angel Fish remix) [BFLCD19]
11 Kopfuss Resonator & Jorg – Whipbird (Session version) [SHIVACD001]
12 Alloy Trex – Track 01 [Algo-rhythm]

I’ve been on this kick lately of throwing mixes together consisting only of tracks I’ve never before put into a mix. This is mix #4 or #5 in a series of such mixes, and this one’s a bit more on the melodic side. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying listening to these as it’s almost as if I’m listening to another DJ’s mixes. Sometimes they come out sounding great, other times you can hear why the tracks weren’t “hits”, but overall I think they’re quite enjoyable for their track-variety alone.

Random Thoughts
Since we old school Goa DJs are dealing with a finite amount of tracks from the era, we have an increasingly difficult time creating unique mixes; we’ve all heard the thousand best tracks a thousand times each, either in our own or others’ mixes. I find that most mixes I see posted these days (including my own) contain a high percentage of tracks that – while admittedly being stellar tracks – have been played to death over the years. Thus, the mix remains in the “I’ll get to it one of these days” listening pile, and I sadly never really get around to listening to it. The “tossed salad” mixes like this one have been quite rewarding in this respect, as I’m re-discovering tracks I’d written off years before as being mediocre, only to find now that lined up in a mix together with other “uncommon” tracks, they can really shine.

Enjoy the mix!

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  1. Dec 26 2008

    Hi, this looks good, but do I have to sign up at filesavr to download, or is it that the link has expired ?

  2. goatranch
    Dec 27 2008

    Gah! Looks like it expired – I’ll have to find a new host for these things, maybe actually splurge for some real storage. 🙂

    I’m currently uploading again, will update post with new link shortly.

  3. goatranch
    Dec 27 2008

    OK, it’s re-upped – please try your download again! Sorry for the inconvenience.

  4. Jan 3 2009

    Thanks !
    Just listened to it, that’s great, good track selection and good flow.
    Listening to the new one right now, keep on posting these 🙂

  5. Jeremy
    Jan 13 2009

    Marsh – Thanks for sharing your hobby with the people. It is apparent now that I have been extremely sheltered in my experience with the big time DJs (Oakenfold, Digweed, etc.) I have no knowledge of the “mediocre” stuff that you are putting together and am exploring a brave new world.

    I very much appreciate the links to the discogs site. How can I call myself a fan of trance with such a limited exposure!?!

  6. Jul 2 2009

    I’ve run out of creative praises for the mixes, but as I’ve said with the others, thanks for the mix. Absolutely fantastic to listen to time and time again.

  7. goatranch
    Jul 26 2009

    Wow, thank you so much for the kind words, Craig. They are truly appreciated!

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