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Posts tagged ‘psychedelic’


Now and Then, Part 1 (Now)

This week’s mix – and the first of the New Year! – is the first in a two-part series entitled Now & Then; this being the “Now” part. The mix consists entirely of modern-day remixes of classic Goa trance tracks, and while some of the originals of these tracks are more “classic” than others, each has stood the test of time and they have as such warranted remixes even 10-12 years later. Read more »


Mixed Nuts, No Peanuts

When you buy a can of mixed nuts, it’s usually 75% peanuts. Peanuts are fine, don’t get me wrong, but when you get another type of nut in-hand it’s quite exciting, and for some reason seems to be extra tasty. Well, this old-school Goa trance mix is like a can of mixed nuts, but with no peanuts. All exciting, all tasty, all the time. Read more »


Hungry Hungry Hippocampus

This is it, the very first mix posted on the Goat Ranch! May the old-school Goa trance now floweth upon us all… Read more »