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May 11, 2010


Global Love Gravy: Flyer Submission #2

by goatranch

I was going to wait and use the flyer submissions for posts about the Global Goa Party, but this one is just too awesome to wait for that.

I present to you flyer submission number two:

Global Goa Party: Love Gravy - Flyer #2

From the artist:

I think the piece makes a profound statement on where we are currently with the whole psychedelic hippie movement and how it releates to… shit I dunno.

Thank you, Dave. I think you nailed it.

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  1. May 11 2010

    i really stick to the first flyer
    i do speak alien,and not any punk-satanic collage that brings some weird energies,
    that’s unfit for transcen-dance!
    Peace & sound

  2. panda
    May 13 2010

    I understand the relationships between satanism > goats > goat ranch >, but this seems a bit trite to me…

  3. May 14 2010

    Yeah, I think many folks may not find this as funny as I do. Did you get the Wavy Gravy tie-in – the guy with the clown nose? I didn’t until Dave pointed it out to me: “That’s the hippie tie-in.” Genius.

    This flyer brings to the forefront a question – what is psychedelic? Is it the same old swirly, fluoro, Photoshop-filtered scene filled with Hindu iconography, or is it something like this that is completely unexpected for a Goa party, evoking immediately emotional and cognitive response in the viewer?

    For me, as with music, when my brain gets thrown a curve-ball and I have to step outside the confines of the expected, outside the rut, that is psychedelic.

    ps. This, coming from a guy who listens almost exclusively to music that’s over ten years old that he’s heard 1000 times. 🙂

    pps. BTW, I still love the old classic fluoro Hindu stuff, but then I’m a nostalgic bastard.

  4. panda
    May 15 2010

    Hm. I missed the wavy gravy reference, but that aside –

    The whole Hindu Devas + Aliens thing is played out. And I still love it. But I agree that we can do other things… I’m with you there.

    I’m just not sure satanic iconography is the answer… pardon me for getting all metaphysical and stuff, but the whole idea of “transcendence” is to go beyond the emotional and the cognitive into the “not this, not that”…

    … and satanism just invokes quite the opposite for me. too many this-worldly and materialistic associations. quite the opposite of transcendence.

    that and I’m also involved in dark ambient culture and I am SO SICK OF SEEING baphomet iconography… it’s to that genre what shiva and aliens are to our little niche over here. yikes.

  5. May 19 2010

    Regarding going beyond the emotional, for me the “satanism” angle is a challenge to just that – challenging the viewer to examine how much stock they put in such loaded imagery. If it’s truly “not this, not that”, it should serve only to provide a juxtaposition to the hippy-spiritual-transcendent angle that is the norm within the Goa/psychedelic trance realm. For myself, when confronted with the collision of the perceived opposite polarities, the marriage results in humor.

    Having said this, I very much understand how the saturation of the baphomet iconography in the dark ambient scene could taint your views. I have an incredibly difficult time letting go of my emotional ties and shedding the cognitive examination when I hear a Matrix sample in a track. Bleccchhh.

    So, in conclusion, I guess we all have our hang-ups, and those are OK as long as we’re aware of them. 🙂

  6. May 19 2010

    This is funny:

    “If it’s truly ‘not this, not that’, it should serve only to provide a juxtaposition…”

    Juxtaposition requires a “this” and “that”…heheh. I love these conversations precisely because it helps me think through this stuff. Thank you, Panda!

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