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April 27, 2015


The Goat Ranch Retires

by goatranch

The Goat Ranch bids farewell to all of its wonderful supporters and participants.

Hello my friends, Marsh here. It is with bittersweet emotion that I tell you that as of today, 27 April 2015, the Goat Ranch will be ceasing operation and entering stasis. It’s been an absolutely wonderful 7 years of old-school Goa fun, but it’s time that the goats were put to out pasture and this old ranch hand kicks back in his rocking chair with some sippin’ whiskey and reflects on life, love, and psychedelic dance music.

Short Version

The Goat Ranch will no longer operate in its current form. The website will be preserved in its current state and all of the mixes will remain available as long as there is an Internet. Nothing bad or scary has caused this to occur, it’s just run its course and it’s time for the next chapter, whatever that may be. You can still follow the Goat Ranch on Facebook with your hosts Twinpa and Astral Fairy.

Long Version

Initially, my intention for the Goat Ranch was merely to be a place to share my own mixes. It quickly morphed, however, into a one-stop-shop for old-school Goa trance news and mixes from DJs from around the world, hosting a contest and a series of virtual parties streamed “live” on Digitally Imported’s Goa-Psy channel, and a monthly radio show also on DI.

When the Ranch started, the old-school Goa trance scene at the time was nowhere near as vibrant as it is today, and even Soundcloud and Mixcloud were but hardly known fledgling operations still in their infancy. The practice of remastering and releasing old-school tracks hadn’t yet taken off, and even DAT Records had yet to put out its first CD, Crop Circles – Tetrahedron.

Fast forward to today, and here in 2015 we have DAT Records, Zion 604, Suntrip, and Anjuna Records all regularly releasing old-school artist albums and compilations. GoaRadio streams old-school Goa, artists from the golden years have started playing retro sets at parties and festivals, Soundcloud and Mixcloud are rife with killer mixes from DJs new and old, and there are untold number of Facebook pages and groups devoted to mid-nineties Goa trance. In short, far from dying, the classic sound is alive and well, and I am happy to think that the Goat Ranch played perhaps even a small part in keeping the vibe alive.

In a sense, you could say “Mission accomplished!” But it is important to note that the mission would not have been successful were it not for all of the Goat Ranch listeners, DJs, and other contributors over the years that really helped make it the destination it became. For this I wish to extend a sincere thank you to everyone that contributed, commented, chatted, and followed along over the years.

Having been on this planet long enough to know better than to say “Never!” to anything, I cannot promise an eternal shutdown of the Ranch, but for now I feel it best to lay low and let the multitude of fresh and energetic voices carry the retro torch forward. Rather than become yet another slow-fade burnout site that becomes a dim shadow of its former self without any closure, let’s end on a high note and say…

Goodbye for now!

Thank you, everyone, it’s truly been a blast.


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  1. Apr 27 2015

    well done for bringing us all so far! cheers!

  2. Boulevard
    Apr 27 2015

    Its been great all these years.

  3. Apr 27 2015

    The Ranch is the best place to come for interesting mixes, thanks for the wonderful time Marsh 🙂

  4. Infra
    Apr 27 2015

    Thanks a lot Marsh for your effort and passion for the scene. And for those ggp-parties !
    It has been an honor to participate and lIsten to all this magnificent music.

  5. drew
    Apr 27 2015

    thanks for your hard work and effort, it has been appreciated hugely!

    and what a great turn-around in recent years, that classic goa is back in so many people’s ears…you have definitely helped spread the word and should take some pride 🙂

  6. tom
    Apr 27 2015

    good work mate, enjoy life!

  7. Apr 27 2015

    Wow Marsh! Well, it certainly has been a good run…and we’re all thankful you kept the Goalive! 🙂 You changed my life introducing me to my Spirit…and it will never leave. Onwards and upwards! Cheers!

  8. Rob
    Apr 27 2015

    Marsh, thank you so much for the goatranch.

    It has been a beacon of fun and passion for the last few years. Sad to hear the journey ends, but grateful and its been brilliant.

    Thanks mate!

  9. denn
    Apr 27 2015

    much love, thanks, peace & strength out to you my friend…it truly has been a pleasure being here..& somehow reading the title of this post makes me feel that deep strange sinking feeling inside that happens when u loose someone you love….absolute best wishes out to u & all the goat ranchers past, present & future… 🙂 thanks for doing your part to keep something very special alive…& now for a well deserved rest…careful with that wisky now… 😉 !!!

  10. Apr 27 2015

    I am sad to see the ranch go! But you’re right, mission accomplished!! I thank you for all the excellent old-skool goa trance, it has been amazing also to listen to the virtual parties. So great!! So , thank you!!

  11. Apr 27 2015

    I kind of had a suspicion that the last GGP marked some kind of end, but I didn’t think you’d sell the goats and shut down the ranch… 😦 Anyway, I totally feel you on the ending on a high note stance. This feels like a well thought out TV series that was meant to run its course and resolve itself, rather than something that kept keeps going till it’s watered down and viewership plummets. Well done, mate, and thanks for all the good times! All the best.

  12. Apr 27 2015

    Thank you, everyone for your kind words and well wishes, it is truly appreciated. Spork, you really hit the nail on the head there; I couldn’t have said it better myself. The spirit lives on in all of us! 🙂

  13. sébastien
    Apr 27 2015

    thanx for everything…
    it’s been a pleasure to share THE vibe
    Peace & Soundz

  14. Sean "nutjob4life" Kelly
    May 18 2015

    It’s been such a lovely ride, Marsh. Thank you for gathering these sounds and keeping them going for so long.

  15. James Hadfield
    Apr 24 2019

    Enjoyed it, up to the stars and back, I’m listening to Retrodelic Vibes 2 Psy / Goa / Trance album and…. 🙂

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