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May 26, 2018


ON..actually OFF AIR: Goat Ranch Radio

by goatranch

The Goat Ranch returns with Goat Ranch Radio!

Sorry everyone, Goat Ranch Radio is (and has been for some time) offline. All the mixes are still available here on the site, however, so please feel free to poke around. And then play loud. –Marsh

All old-school Goa trance mixes, all none of the time:

Is the Ranch back? Well, sort of…

While the Goat Ranch was active, over 100 mixes were collected (106, to be exact). They arrived as one-off submissions by guest DJs, contributed by the official Ranch DJs, submitted for the Hunab-ku Majik Mix Contest and the Goat Ranch Monthly on, and of course for the five Global Goa Parties that we threw over the years. Instead of letting all these great mixes languish silently in obscurity on some lost, mostly forgotten website such as this, it seemed a much better use of their beautiful bits if they were transmitted to the world all day long, all day strong, for anyone’s enjoyment wherever and whenever they might be.

Thus, the Goat Ranch is pleased to bring you Goat Ranch Radio!

In addition to all 106 mixes here on the Ranch website, Goat Ranch Radio will be streaming special mixes from talented DJs the world over, and we might even do some special events–the sky’s the limit.

All you old-school Goa trance DJs out there are of course welcome to submit your mixes to be aired on the station, too. Just put a killer mix together and fill out the submission form:

Goat Ranch Radio – Mix Submission Form

Special thanks goes to Denn for once again coming through with awesome art for the station. Always the consummate professional, always awesome art. Thank you Denn!

More special thanks goes to Astral Fairy, who’s kept the vibe alive on the Goat Ranch Facebook page in my absence since the Ranch was shuttered in 2015. Your devotion and spirit are so appreciated, Despina. Thank you.

So there ya have it, folks–the Ranch is back. Sorta.



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  1. Lara Schneider
    May 28 2018


  2. Walle
    Mar 7 2019

    That radio is just amazing for fans of the old-school Goa sound. However, is it possible to get some of the non-Ranch mixes, especially the Escudero vinyl mixes, in a decent sound quality somewhere? I know, those are on Mixcloud, but the quality there is bad.

  3. Mar 7 2019

    Hi Walle, thanks for listening! I recommend contacting each DJ whose mixes you’re interested in via the private message feature of Mixcloud/Soundcloud/etc. Many (most?) are happy to share their mixes via one-off downloads if you request them directly.

  4. Nov 5 2022

    Grateful forr sharing this

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