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March 19, 2015


Global Goa Party 5: 1997

by goatranch

Please join the Goat Ranch,’s Goa-Psy channel, and Shakta on April 18th, 2015 for the fifth event in the Global Goa Party series! Ahhh, 1997. The year that some consider the “peak” of Goa trance, when many of the most iconic albums were released, and just before a noticeable change in the sound began to occur the following year.

We’ve got a killer virtual party planned for you this year with 9 DJs from around the world and one super special superstar guest, Shakta!

Shakta and the crew will be providing 15 hours of 1997-and-before psychedelic dance music. The whole party will be streamed “live” on’s Goa-Psy channel where each mix is played back-to-back, and after the party the Goat Ranch will provide download links and track listings for the whole party.

Your musical wizards for the night are:

NOTE: Click the times below to download/stream the mixes!

21:30-23:00  DJ Nonsense (ES)
23:00-00:30  DenisB (NO)
00:30-01:30  Shakta (UK) [Kaya Project / Hibernation]
03:30-05:00  Infra (SE) [DVSM Records]

Be sure to join the GGP5 Facebook event to keep up on the latest for the party, and of course  “Like” the Goat Ranch on Facebook to keep up with Ranch stuff year-round. We’ll be posting information later for the chat room to join during the party so you can connect with your fellow global trancers whenever you need a break from wearing a hole in your living room carpet, as well as some tidbits about the performers for the night.
Invite some friends over, fire up the blacklights, and get down for another global Goa trance extravaganza!



At the appointed time (see “When” below), point your browser to and click the Play button. Streaming is free, but is highly recommended that you spend $7.00 for a month of their Premium service so you get the best audio quality and–most importantly–you are not subjected to advertisements during the show. They tend to be quite the buzz kill – way worse than the generator running out of gas! Seriously, spend the 7 bucks and consider it the cost of a “ticket” to the party. 🙂


Tune in to on Saturday 18 April 2015 (that’s today!) at:

  • 20:00 UK
  • 19:00 UTC/GMT
  • 15:00 US EDT


Please join us in the #goa room on for the party chat! We get super geeky with all the trainspotting and music talk, and as the night progresses things can also get kinda weird. Just the way we like it. 🙂 If you are familiar with IRC, just use your favorite client and join:

  • server:
  • room: #goa

If you haven’t used IRC before, it’s quite easy, especially if you use one of the following links to join the room:

NOTE: Sometimes when using the web-based clients you’ll get an error about exceeding connection limits. If you get this, try one of the other links, or better yet, install a “real” IRC client on your favorite device. There are a bunch of free clients out there (I use mIRC on Windoze and AndroIRC on the phone) so you should be able to join no problem. It’s recommended that you get your client setup now before the party starts – the room is always up and running and isn’t just for the party, so you can test at any time.

About The Party

This was an online-only, “virtual” party featuring sets by 10 performers from around the world providing 15 hours of 1997-and-before psychedelic dance music. The whole party was streamed “live” on’s Goa-Psy channel where each mix was played back-to-back.


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