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November 3, 2014

Germinating Seeds of Doda: The Interview

by goatranch

The Goat Ranch is both honored and extremely excited to present Shorn Rah in an exclusive video interview!

Shorn Rah is the man behind Germinating Seeds of Doda, Shorn Doda, and more recently The Dark Tourist. With a number of diverse and innovative releases on such notable labels as Auracle, TIP, 21-3, and Symbiosis, his tracks were always clear standouts in a sea of sound. Riding precariously on the edge of Goa trance and…something else, these tracks rewarded those of us lucky enough to hear them on the dance floor with some some serious atom-splitting, brain-flexing fun.

Video produced by Shorn, with questions written by me and read by a mysterious disembodied voice.

After having produced some of the most killer cutting-edge sounds in the Goa trance and psychedelic breaks genres in the mid-late 90s, Shorn has recently resurfaced with a mission to release a big batch of unreleased tracks, and the Ranch is just thrilled to have been approached with the opportunity to conduct this interview with Mr. Rah.

As mentioned in the interview, Shorn has fired up an Indiegogo campaign to release a bunch of material he’s got on DAT that’s just itching to see the light of day. You can find out more and contribute to the campaign here:


Germinating Seeds of Doda – Lost Tunes on Indiegogo

Here are some additional links of note – check ’em out:

I’d like to extend a huge thanks to Shorn for the opportunity to participate in this project. 🙂

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