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September 13, 2014

Marsh – We Speak Alien (Tribute to The Infinity Project)

by goatranch
We Speak Alien (Tribute to The Infinity Project)

Originally broadcast as episode #11 of the Goat Ranch Monthly mix series on’s Goa/Psy channel, this edition is a tribute to The Infinity Project that aired on 15 August 2014.

One of the staples of the early Goa trance sound, The Infinity Project put out a healthy dose of tracks by an oft changing cast of characters. As the Discogs artist page mentions, you’ll not only hear influences from its primary members Raja Ram and Graham Wood, but also contributions from such notables as Simon Posford (Hallucinogen), Martin Freeland (Man With No Name), and Nick Barber (Doof). With tremendously fat analog sound and a wonderful combination of melodic elements and expertly integrated effects work, The Infinity Project’s catalog provides a diverse–almost definitive–sampling of what comes to mind when thinking of the aspects of “Goa trance” as a genre.

Mixcloud, download or stream:


DJ: Marsh
Title: We Speak Alien (Tribute to The Infinity Project)
Duration: 86:02
Format: VBR MP3 (LAME 3.99.5 -V0)
Size: 165MB

01 Flute Line [BR021CD]
02 Incandescence (Mix 2) [DMRCD02]
03 Superbooster [BFLCD13]
04 Oscillator [TIPCD1]
05 Telepathy [SPIRIT ZONE 4006 CD]
06 Uforica [TIPCD1]
07 Binary Neuronaut [SPIRIT ZONE 4006 CD]
08 Mindboggler (Part 2) [TIPCD14]
09 Hyperspaced (Doof Remix) [TIPCD3]
10 Koxbox – Too Pure (T.I.P. Remix) [BR030CD]
11 Wow [TIPCD4]
12 Alien Airport [TIPCD2]
13 Brain Bokka [BFLCD18]
14 Stimuli [TIPCD1]
15 Alien Patrol [BR005CD]

Notes from the DJ
This is one of those mixes that went through at least 3 revisions over at least as many years before I decided it was about as well-baked as it’d get, and after swapping tracks in and out and noodling and listening and more swapping and noodling, I feel it finally does this seminal act justice as a “tribute.” In it I’ve included a batch of harmonically mixed tracks from a number of releases dating from 1994 to 1997.

I put significant effort into ensuring a pleasant journey from start to finish, intending this to be one of those mixes that I could come back to time and again without ever thinking, “Dang it, there’s just that one part of that one transition that I don’t like…” I’m happy to say that after being in heavy rotation on my aural generation devices for some time, I can report no such occurrences. I’ve enjoyed this one so much over the last few months since calling it “done” that I feel it may have a chance of spending a fair amount of time on your audio devices, and truly hope you dig it as much as I do.

At the end of the day, any mix is really only as good as the tracks it contains and with The Infinity Project we’ve not got a whole lot to worry about — just absolutely top notch psychedelic trance that helped to define a genre.

Play it loud and talk to some aliens, they’ll listen.



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