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January 18, 2014


Marsh – Loose Juice Caboose

by goatranch

More melodic and a bit more rockin’ than  the last couple of mixes I’ve done, if this don’t make your booty move, your booty must be dead!

With tracks ranging from 1996 to 2000, I’d like to think this one holds it together even with the wide range of years represented. Don’t take my word for it, though – download (or stream) and give it a whirl!

Download or stream:

DJ: Marsh
Title: Loose Juice Caboose
Duration: 76:00
Format: VBR MP3 (LAME 3.99.x -V0)
Size: 148MB

01 Mindfield – UV Nation [PTM25]
02 Tristan and a Green Nun – Babylon N’ Ting [WHYCD007]
03 Ominus – Hallucinogenic Hyperdrive [KRCD003]
04 Space Tribe – Circle of Life [SPIRITZONE044]
05 Aural Planet – Changing My Mind [DMRCD01]
06 Bamboo Forest – Choose Your World [NTD 90510-24]
07 Etnica – Nice Toys [DATCD004]
08 Logic Bomb – Rotation Generation [KAVCD01]
09 Domestic – Amateur Gynecologist [PHONOKOL 2117-2]
10 Total Eclipse – Once Upon a Time [MSRCD001]
11 Cydonia – Freakshow [BR079CD]

Notes from the DJ
Since starting to mix in key about a year ago, I’ve really enjoyed picking an opening track (the “seed”) that I really dig and then just seeing where the key leads me, picking the next track based first on complementing key and then of course its vibe and BPM. I try always to stick within 1 BPM for each transition as well as within relative key, all while trying to keep the feel of the mix in line. This actually presents more of a challenge than just going on BPM and style alone, but I’ve found that the mixes seem more cohesive as a result. It’s also shown me that, yes, even with hundreds and hundreds (thousands?) of tracks, I still need more music. There’s always that one slot that really fights me: “Gah! If I only had a track in key X and BPM Y that sounds like Z!”

As far as the tracks go, the “seed” track for this mix–UV Nation–is by far my favorite Mindfield track. It’s just so clean, so pure, so acidic; and when that melody kicks in (you’ll know the one I mean) the chills kick in every time even after all these years. This track begs to be played as loudly as possible, well over redline, and sets the tone for the kickin’ aspect of  the rest of the mix.

Another fun thing about this harmonic mixing thing is that I end up playing tracks I’d never before considered. It’s not that they aren’t good tracks (far from it!) but they just weren’t in my “stable” of tracks I’d normally play. This is definitely the case for Babylon N’ Ting by Tristan and Dick Trevor of the Green Nuns of the Revolution – phenomenal track, huge melodic meat half-way through, but I’ve just never mixed it. So sad! Here it is, finally, in all its glorious rippingness.

I won’t yammer on about the rest of the tracks because I feel that track-by-track reviews can be somewhat fatiguing for the reader (let alone the writer!) so I’ll spare you the pain of a million word essay and just say this:



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  1. Hudude Being
    Jan 18 2014

    Damn! I love Hallucinogenic Hyperdrive…


  2. Matija
    Jan 20 2014

    Track 06 is “Choose Your World” 🙂

  3. Jan 20 2014

    D’oh! You are right – fixed. I faintly remember now a discussion somewhere about the naming snafu on the digipack, but had since forgotten; thanks for the reminder Matija! 🙂

  4. Matija
    Jan 22 2014

    To this day I still have no idea if Infernal Machine had a “loin king” or “lion king” song.

    At least I can safely say that “cloof” is “doof” (of the “Let’s Turn On” fame).

  5. Jan 25 2014

    I like your notes! 🙂 it’s great to see what a dj is thinking behind the mix.

  6. goa pride
    Jan 26 2014


  7. goaren
    Jan 28 2014

    great mix!
    matija – its 2 different tracks 🙂

  8. Jan 29 2014

    @Lara, @goa pride and @goaren: Thank you for your kind words, they are very much appreciated. 🙂

  9. draeke604
    Feb 3 2014

    very good mix! Bravo GoatRanch Power holder!

  10. Feb 3 2014

    Thank you, Draeke! Though I wouldn’t call it “power,” all I really do is feed the goats and shovel the poo. 😛

  11. TreeTribe
    May 22 2014

    well done!! this is a great one… lovely flow… and yes… track 6!!! 😉

  12. Jun 1 2014

    Thanks, TT! Appreciate the kind words. 🙂

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