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December 23, 2013


Marsh – Huffing Rainbows

by goatranch
Marsh - Huffing Rainbows

Welcome to the fourth edition of the Goat Ranch Monthly mix series! Broadcast on’s Goa/Psy channel every 3rd Friday of the month, this edition aired on 20 December 2013.

Head Rancher Marsh brings forth a techy, trippy mix with a bit of a tongue-in-cheek side.

Download or stream:

DJ: Marsh
Title: Huffing Rainbows
Duration: 1:31:18
Format: 320k MP3 (CBR)
Size: 180MB

01 (intro) Nervasystem & Aether – The Self Transforming machine Creatures of Hyperspace [EOCD1]
02 Prana – Taiyo (Process Imperfect Stimulant Mix) [ANJUNACD002]
03 Kailash – Mystery Brain [Elysium Soundcloud]
04 The Mato Project – Nervsond 47 [ZION604CD002]
05 Process & Tristan – KV 23 [AFR015]
06 Nervasystem – Harold Eben D’Owld [ZION604CD005]
07 Banoix – R2 D2 [SPIRITZONE046]
08 Planet BEN – Questionmark [HADSHCD022]
09 Space Age Genius – From Here Remains Tomorrow [unreleased]
10 Quixotic – 32-Bit Priest [PTM29]
11 Sephalopod – Elliptical Orbits [ATECD001]
12 Lotus Omega – Lighthouse [TIP027]
13 Aussiedler – Wallpaper From Hell [unreleased]
14 Alphanaut – Fluorozap (Neurozap Remix – S. Mannion with M. Hall) [WMS Soundcloud]
15 (outro) Self Preservation in an Atomic Bomb Attack (sample) [YouTube]

Notes from the DJ
This mix was built around three tracks that I’ve always wanted to get into a mix but until now have been unsuccessful: KV 23, Questionmark, and Lighthouse. These three tasty bites have for some reason fought me tooth-and-nail in previous attempts, but the stars finally aligned with this mix and they’ve allowed themselves to be presented here in all their tripitude.

Regarding the two unreleased tracks, From Here Remains Tomorrow by Space Age Genius and Wallpaper From Hell by Aussiedler: These were two of the many submissions made by members of the old international 604 email list way back in ’98/’99 when tracks were being assembled for the UO@604 compilation. While these two tracks didn’t make the cut for the CD back then, I was just thrilled to run across them while digging through some of my dusty archives. The Space Age Genius track is the early Suomisaundi style track with the super catchy (if maybe a little goofy) melody that comes in at 48:00, while the Aussiedler track is the crazy Aussie-style monster that rolls in at 75:00 or so. The “live” sounding aspect of the Aussiedler track is possibly what dropped it from the running for the final tracklist selection for the CD, but to me that’s what makes it so charmingly full-on. More on the UO@604 compilation can be found on Discogs:

Various Artists – Unknown Object @ 604

Keep it weird! 🙂


Don’t forget to tune in for the next show on 17 January 2014!

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  1. Gubbology
    Dec 29 2013

    Love your work and the effort you put into this place and the mixes.. keep it up!

  2. Dec 29 2013

    Thanks, Gubbology, really appreciate the sentiment! 🙂

  3. Jan 2 2014

    Marsh, your continued effort to share oldschool mixes is very much appreciated by me also… I download every single one of them and the quality is always excellent. I also love the fact, that you always include detailed liner notes to your mixes, which is something I enjoy very much. The Discogs-links are a welcomed touch too. All in all, I couldn’t be happier! Keep up the good work! Bom spanka!


  4. Jan 3 2014

    DP, thanks so much for your feedback. I started this thing for the simple love of the music and wanting to share that feeling with others, and to hear that it seems to be succeeding for at least a few people is hugely rewarding. As you have no doubt noticed, I’ve been a bit lazy with the Discogs links as of late, however, now that I know you dig ’em I’ll try to keep up on that a bit more. It’s one of the more tedious parts of the posts so on every one I do I think, “Oh, I’ll go back and do those later.” and of course I never do. I’ll make that a New Year’s resolution – Discogs links on all posts! 🙂 Thanks again for your kind words.

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