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March 27, 2010

Entry #10: DJ Psunspot – Pserebral Mass Ejection

by goatranch

On to entry #10 we go, and another fine submission into the Hunab-ku Magik Mix Contest!

Download or stream:

DJ: DJ Psunspot
Title: Pserebral Mass Ejection
Length: 75:32
Size: 177MB
Format: MP3 (320kbps)

01 Conspiracy Theory – Project Oblivion [TRIPCD11]
02 Syb Unity Nettwerk – Sun Invaders [SUB4816.2]
03 Factor – Rainforest (AM Synaptik Mix) [SUB4838.2]
04 Shakta – Lepton Head (Deedrah remix) [SUB4835.2]
05 Tranceline – Greetings From Exile [REACTCDX102]
06 Spectre – Blue Book [TRIPCD11]
07 De Donatis – The Sound [REACTCDX102]
08 Prana – Alien Pets [SUB4835.2]
09 Tufáan – Tufáan (Green Nuns of the Revolution remix) [PDCD002]
10 Phreaky – Tornado [SUB4816.2]
11 X-Dream – The Offender [TR1021]
12 Kinetic A.T.O.M. – Borg Destroyer [MPCD20]
13 Aquaform – El Sueno [EQ2008-2]
14 Prana & Amanite FX – Black Rain (Original mix) [PDCD002]
15 Green Nuns of the Revolution – Klunk [AFRCD7]
16 Quirk – Paradise Pills [MPCD20]

What I love about this contest is seeing the effort that the DJs are putting into their mixes. In Brian’s case, although he has a very limited selection of tracks from the 1995-1998 era that the contest rules stipulate, he was able to pull together a fine selection of tunes, some even from mix CDs! Here’s his description of the mix:

well i just wanted to have fun and look through my (very small ) old skool goa collection to find the tracks that i used to really like (i had a blast listening to everything again). you’ll see that my collection is super limited and that i took a lot of tracks off of mix cds even. i never started dj-ing until about 2001-2002, and i was into scando sound at the time, so i’ve never mixed this stuff before. i had a list, then i lost it, then i re-did the tracklist, then i tried to mix it, and failed, so i tried to mix it again, and failed less. you get the ‘less failed’ time.

the mix i think is a weird combo of classic stompers and some old school ravey stuff and then also some newer sounds and yet all tracks are from 96-98.


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