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March 23, 2010


Entry #9: Djuna – Hunab-ku Contest Mix #9

by goatranch

OK, kids – this one will put hair on your chest. Yes, even you girls. Coming straight from a carnival on the funny farm, Djuna’s put together what starts out as one of the most twisted sets of old-school psytrance I think I’ve had the pleasure of being assaulted with, and somehow turns it around by the end of the mix so you’re basking in the beauteous  glow of melodic morning Goa. And it works.

Download or stream:

DJ: Djuna
Title: Hunab-ku Contest Mix #9
Length: 81:19
Size: 190MB
Format: MP3 (320kbps)

00 Goa Gil – Aum (Intro) [AVACD02]
01 Masaray – Hammer Head [GACD002]
02 Rip Van Hippy – How Hip Is A Computer [PSY-035]
03 A.B. – Metamorphin’ [EDGECORE002]
04 Quirk – Dance With The Devil [MP34]
05 The Visitors – Never Know [PSY-040]
06 Neuro Electric – J. Edgar [ATECD001]
07 Menis – Temporary Insanity [KRCD005]
08 Etnica – Resistance [SPIRITZONE051]
09 Gangnia – Red Moon [GOW010]
10 Virtuart – La Skunk Duplakar [INTOX003CD]
11 Semsis – Seven [ATOM002CD]
12 Biot – Oyxgen Orgasm [BTM102]
13 Section X – Atlantis [PERF136T]
14 Cyborganic – Centre of the Cyclone [TRANR619CD]

Here is Mathias’ description of this little bomb-dropper:

I’ve started the mix with some more break-ish ‘fun’ goa, music for the mind rather than the body. As the mix progresses, it’s becoming a little more twisted and danceable (but then again, every style of goa is danceable), then some acidic stuff and the end is the morning goa I love; not over the top but still melodic, a bit trancy and maybe even a tad melancholic.
Normally I let a mix built up more, but this one just came out fine I think. What I also ‘normally’ do when mixing, is putting some forest, suomi or old psytrance in it; I love some variation, but it has to be as mindblowing as the good ol’ goa trance. I didn’t do it with this one since it would probably end in 60% goa from before the year 2000 and 40% after the year 2000, would be a little off-topic. 🙂
Anyway, I’m not that good at PR, so I’ll just let the mix speak for itself, haha. Hope you like it!

This is one of those special mixes that fits three different sub-genres into 80 minutes and somehow pulls it off really, really well. The flow moves from put-me-in-the-long-armed-jacket wacko-trance to hard and dark stompin’ awesomeness, and finishes off with some mind-repairing melodic goo. All this, and without jarring the listener on the style changes. That’s the mark of a stellar mix, and I highly, highly recommend a download on this one.

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  1. draeke
    Apr 6 2010

    very interesting tracklist, surely a winner. The last track is wonderful, one that i thought to be for a long time an unreleased, a favorite of mine since many years. Best regards to the winner, he surely deserved!

  2. Joseph S
    Apr 8 2010

    I heard this mix yesterday and left me breathless. Evidently there’s much more Goa I should dig. Pity I can’t burn it to 79:56 CDr 😉

  3. Apr 8 2010

    I haven’t heard this mix yet, but just by reading the list, I can’t wait to hear it. I’m shivering in anticipation, almost giddy.
    Rip Van Hippy’s “how hip…” is one of mai favorite tunes, also the Quirk, Menis & Cyborganic tracks. I can just hear them all playing right now in mai head.
    Each giving me chills and rolling mai eyes back into mai skull.

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