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March 22, 2010

Entry #7: DJ Bong – Party Like It’s 1995

by goatranch

Lucky #7 is a fantastic batch of tightly-mixed early Goa trance and Goa-flavored vinyl tracks, eloquently demonstrating that thinking outside the box while putting a set together can really take it to the next level. Another fine submission for the Hunab-ku Magik Mix Contest.

Download or stream:

DJ: DJ Bong
Title: Party Like It’s 1995
Length: 80:28
Size: 157MB
Format: MP3 (320kbps)

01 Sheyba – Ancient Lands [Flying Rhino ZFR003 – 1995]
02 Empirion – Narcotic Influence 1 [Wanted JHS001 – 1994]
03 Underworld – Rez [Junior Boy’s Own COLLECT002 – 1993]
04 Sven Väth – Ballet-Fusion (Belfast Fusion) [Eye Q 4509-99172-0 – 1995]
05 Afrotrance – Spiritual Energy [Harthouse HH 043 – 1994]
06 Salamander – Tempest (Union Jack Remix) [Platipus PLAT 16 – 1995]
07 KoxBox – Insect & Insect Bite (Split Mix) [Harthouse HH LP 012 – 1995]
08 Total Eclipse – Blade Runner [Blue Room BR002LP – 1995]
09 KoxBox – Tribal Oscillation (Prana Remix) [Harthouse HH 082 – 1995]
10 Prana – Fiesta [Concept In Dance DICLP 124 – 1995]
11 Doof – Double Dragons (Crystal Insurance Mix) [Dragonfly BFLT 22 – 1995]
12 Earth Nation – Alienated (Earth Mix) [Eye Q 4509-95485-0 – 1994]
13 Lucky People Center – Sundance [Beverage BEVT 501 – 1995]

Here’s are the DJ’s words describing his mix…

It’s mixed from vinyl in one go, without any post editing. Usually I fuck up and have to start from the beginning or if I’ve come a long way into the mix I stop and record from the last transition and then put the two parts together afterwards but this time I got it in the first take. All transitions might not be 100% to my liking but I’m quite happy with it technically. Specially during the middle I got a nice flow.

I tried to step out of the pigeonhole and mostly during the first part I have a lot of tracks that normally might not fall in the Goa or PsyTrance genre but to me these tracks fit the description Psychedelic and Trance very well. Just listen to the Sven Väth track remixed by David Holmes, according to me way more psychedelic than any PsyTrance.

So for the first part it’s trancey and then in the last part it gets bangin’ 🙂


Without putting much thought into it I picked mostly tracks from 1995 so I have called the mix “Party Like It’s 1995”.

This is a great mix with plenty of character and wonderful flow. Thanks, Hans! 🙂

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