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March 13, 2010


Entry #4: Spork – Welcome to the 20th Century

by goatranch

The fourth submission for the Hunab-ku Magik Mix Contest is a dandy, put together by the gracious host of the long-running-once-dead-now-resurrected international 604 list, Spork!

Download or stream:

DJ: Spork
Title: Welcome to the 20th Century
Length: 110:15
Size: 264MB
Format: MP3 (320kbps)

01 Mumble – Blart [MPCD4]
02 MFG – Electric Bubbles [2080-2]
03 Prana – Taiyo [MPTCD-03]
04 The Infinity Project – Uforcia [TUA-03]
05 Psyko Disko – Nobody [T-61]
06 Nucleus – Superluminal [T-64]
07 Ololiuqui – Stay Tuned [SPIRIT ZONE 021]
08 Psychopod – Friagram (Growling Mad Scientist Remix) [WHYCD007]
09 Planet B.E.N. – Non-sense [WHYCD005]
10 Kox Box – Electronic Brainwash [BR058CD]
11 Deviant Electronics – Viral Spiral [HEXCD002]
12 Infernal Machine – Nocturnal Chainsaw Kerfuffle [TWSCD2]
13 Sheyba – Ganesh [SUB 4802-2]
14 Voodoo People – Quadstep [BR001CD]
15 I Savastano – Coppertone [WHYCD005]
16 X-Dream – The Second Room (A-Trip) [T-61]
17 Bypass Unit – Phaser Galaxy [CD HORIZON 9001]
18 Sundog – Ancient Forest (Yantra Mix) [DA 56017-2]
19 The Muses Rapt – Corazon De Fuego [NTD 90315-19]

Once again, I’ll let the DJ’s own words tell the story about the mix:

I’m quite the novice when it comes to DJ-ing, but this contest seemed a good incentive to get a mix together. This is the result. I like DJ mixes to be small “journeys”, but I find that this is only really possible if the DJ isn’t too constricted by her/his time slot; basically, this means that the mix length here is what it is – I didn’t do anything to “tame” it, except leaving out a couple of tracks I originally intended to include. My mix starts off with three slower tracks before the BPM increase. I don’t care much for mixes where a track’s obscurity supersedes its actual quality, so no huge surprises here, but I tried to avoid picking tracks from my top group of favourites (which would have turned the mix into The Cheese Factory); one minor exception: Ancient Forest, which is possibly the best way to end a night on the dance floor. Also, I don’t like to muck about too much with effects and cheap DJ tricks on older Goa stuff, so this is just a plain mix. Oh, and I know that it’s probably considered rather unprofessional to include more than one track from the same release in a mix, but, hey – that’s entirely coincidental; stuff like that happens when you assemble your track list using iTunes…

As evidenced by this mix, being a “novice” means little when the DJ loves the music, and it’s obvious when that love comes through in a mix. Spork has put together a hell of a good mix here with some tracks that don’t often grace old-school Goa trance tracklists (Psyko Disko – Nobody and Planet B.E.N. – Non-sense both come to mind). Take a few minutes to download this mix and you won’t be disappointed, there’s some fun stuff in here, and it’s well-mixed to boot.

Thanks, Spork!

(ps. I’m behind on posts due to working way too many hours last week – I’ve got three more mixes to post, so get ready for the onslaught!)

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  1. Mar 28 2010

    Great mix… Very enjoyable !!! Loved the opening track !

    Kudos monsieur spork !

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