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March 14, 2010

Entry #5: Eudaimonia – Beyond Good and Evil : A Goa Trance Mix

by goatranch

The fifth entry in the Hunab-ku Magik Mix Contest is a one-way ticket on the Crazy Train. An acid-drenched, 303-laden psychedelic ripper of a mix that’ll have you going off the rails in no time.

Download or stream:

DJ: Eudaimonia
Title: Beyond Good and Evil : A Goa Trance Mix
Length: 85:23
Size: 205MB
Format: MP3 (320kbps)

INTRO: Hawkwind – Welcome To The Future [OBLP 1]
01 Cosmosis – The Ultimate Sin [TRANR614LP]
02 Space Tribe – Machine Elf [TIP LP1]
03 Eco – Toxic Recall [TIP LP 4]
04 100th Monkey & Tristan – Spiritus [MP05]
05 Hallucinogen – LSD (L.S. Doof Remix) [BFLT 29]
06 Moonweed – It Happens [CELT 010]
07 Growling Mad Scientists – Jaws [004]
08 Lunar Asylum – Moondog [PTMLP135]
09 Growling Mad Scientists – I’ll Be Back [LP001]
INTERMEZZO: Hawkwind – Sonic Attack [PL 25380]
10 Fluoro Conspiracy – Ancient Suns [TRA033]
11 ECT – Mr. Jolly (Lives Next Door) [PTM22]
12 Syb Unity Nettwerk – Limited Access To The Files [AFR 014]
13 Menis – The Drugs Do Work (Live Mix) [KRLP006]

From the DJ again, here are Florian’s own words on the mix…

Hi, I am Florian Vermeiren from Belgium, and this is a mix I’ve made for you as my alter ego: DJ Eudaimonia.

The title is stolen from the nihilistic philosopher Nietzsche who wrote a book with the same title. The style of the mix is pretty much my favourite sort of goa trance: acidic! It roughly consists of 3 parts : quark, strangeness and charm (the names for the parts I stole from a song of the psychedelic rock band Hawkwind from whom I also used some samples):

1-9 is the QUARK part; its classic acidic ‘quarky’ goatrance getting more intense towards the middle of the set, the centre of the acid storm.
10 & 11 make up the STRANGENESS part; a bit of “weird” Goa trance.
12 & 13 are the CHARMing songs; darker than the rest with a great charming atmosphere.

The first track is maybe the most significant for the set because going BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL is considered the ULTIMATE SIN, but of course there is no sin if you go beyond good and evil, beyond morality (altough Bill Halsey seemes to think eating the apple of knowledge is the ultimate sin if you listen to the sample of the song). 🙂

The set is mixed with two old pioneer CDJ500s who normally don’t have a really stable pitch function but this time they did great! I’m especially proud of the mix between nr 4 and 5 – that melody of 5 started just perfectly. It’s recorded a little too silent so you sometimes hear a light buzzing in the beginning, end, and the silent parts, but I see you are a also a vinyl collector lover so you can handle a bit of buzz, right? 🙂

I am aware that the middle of the set is very intense… And its not something I could listen to all the time but once in a while I like going intense!


Enjoyed it I have! The slight ground-hum and the looseness of some of the mixes merely lend themselves to the out-of-your-head character of this mix, and it’s really one of the more psychedelic mixes I’ve heard in some time. The Hawkwind samples are a fantastic touch that help take the listener that next step toward the outer limits. With more 303 and ripping acid lines in these tracks than I normally DJ (or listen to, honestly) this was a real throwback to what was a significant segment of the old-school Goa trance of the time, and a welcome one at that. Rockin’!

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