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February 28, 2010

Hop Sauce

by goatranch
Marsh - Hop Sauce

The first non-trance mix to appear on the Goat Ranch, this one is a laid-back, head-noddin’, cocktail-sippin’, BBQ-havin’, col’ chillin’ instrumental hip-hop & trip-hop mix full of free tracks from a variety of netlabels.

Download or stream:

DJ:  Marsh
Title:  Hop Sauce
Length: 76:05
Size:   104MB
Format: MP3 (LAME v3.98.2, -V2)

01 Flossy – Good Temper
02 Grillo – Bubbles
03 Acouphene – Raise Your Side
04 Defiant Kinetics – Quiver
05 Feigin – Moonlight
06 Oppidan – For All The People With Full Schedules
07 Groove Inc. – Surrender
08 Feigin – Running From Yakuza
09 Gone (x3) – Trees On The Complex Plane
10 Grillo – Bintro
11 Rare – Girl
12 Merlune – Yellowstoned
13 Mitochi – The Gift
14 Violent Public Disorderaz – Memory (Prototype 68 Spacey Mix)
15 P38 – Incoming Audio
16 Rare – Analog
17 Prototype 68 – Organic Matter
18 Grillo – Luta
19 Klitbeats – Talking To A Ghost
20 Bulimic Orgy – Sawmill Gang Anthems
21 Grillo – Bach
22 Sliptone – Birds And The Bees
23 Merlune & Daakoon – Eastwestern Winds
24 Tack-Fu – Red Sky
25 Acouphene – tideland
26 Artner – Episode 1
27 Flossy – I Got
28 Klitbeats – Stay
29 Merlune – Deeper
30 Klitbeats – Hide Out
31 Merlune – Miserere

We live in a wonderful age. Talented musicians creating killer music and releasing it for free on “netlabels”, ripe for the pickin’s.

Last weekend I was poking around and ran across a post on DEEPGOA’s electronic sessions announcing a Stigae Music release by Blackdaylight, The Nin9. I honestly don’t remember what led me to this post, but I clicked through and started listening and immediately dug it. I then checked out Stigae’s links page and it opened the door to a whole crapload of awesome free music in the instrumental trip-hop/hip-hop vein. I spent the next few hours tearing through a ton of tracks, downloading almost a gig of free music, and later mashed a bunch of it together into this mix. Tracks from the following netlabels are represented:

My taste in downtempo leans towards those tracks with some sort of groove, some sort of beat that at least moves the noggin, if not the ass. Instrumental trip-hop and hip-hop may not be as heady as a lot of the psybient out there, but it also tends not to make me fall asleep, either. I suppose you’d call it “mid-tempo”. It’s great background music for cocktail parties, BBQs, or any occasion that calls for something groovy that doesn’t scream for your attention or act as a sedative.

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do – I’ve listened to it enough in the past week that it’s become apparent I’ll need to dig some more of this stuff up and do another. If you like this mix, check out Mr. Moods’ Vombat Radio set (from the Dusted Wax Media page) as it’s got a similar feel with some super cool tracks in it.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming…

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