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October 31, 2009


Eallra Hālgena ǣfen (or, a spooky Halloween mix)

by goatranch

Originally assembled for my good friend James, I feel this mix to be quite appropriate for a Halloween Goat Ranch post.

Download or stream:

DJ:  Marsh
Title:  Spoooky!
Length: 80:48
Size:   127MB
Format: MP3 (LAME v3.98.2, -V2 –vbr-new)

01 Coma – Eighth Hole [TRANR613CD]
02 Nucleus – Dark Horse [ATOM004]
03 Hallucinogen – Thugs In Tye Dye [BFLT37]
04 Semsis – Basso Profundo [MD002]
05 Darshan– Beast [AFR026]
06 Cydonia – The Kiddy [BR061]
07 Semsis – Sound Vandal [BFLCD37]
08 Battle of the Future Buddhas – Domestic Bliss [KAV02]
09 Deflo – Monomaniac [MPLP10]
10 Venom vs. Bus – Bugged (Insanity Pepper Mix) [AFR037]
11 XIS – Shadows & Flashes [MPLP14]
12 Tortured Brain – Electroencephalotramme [ATOM001LP]

Moving through a few years and styles, yet remaining predominantly within the realm of older Goa trance (especially the first half) this one presents some of the darker tracks of the genre together in one package. This is before the advent of today’s “dark psy”, or “trauma trance”, as it’s sometimes called. It’s a dark and tweaky mix, sometimes gooey (Nucleus) and sometimes techy (Venom vs. Bus), and might be something you’d hear at 2AM out in the forest back in the day.

Enjoy, everyone, and be safe out there – weird and scary stuff happens on Halloween!

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  1. Mar 26 2012

    very smooth flow…. and some tunes i hadn’t heard before! boom!!

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