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August 3, 2014

DJ Djuna – Goat Ranch Monthly (April 2014)

by goatranch

Welcome to the eighth edition of the Goat Ranch Monthly mix series! Broadcast on’s Goa/Psy channel every 3rd Friday of the month, this edition aired on 18 April 2014.

Djuna has always presents us with mixes that rock, and this installment of the Goat Ranch Monthly is no different.

Download or stream:

DJ: DJ Djuna
Title: Goat Ranch Monthly Mix (April’s Fool)
Duration: 1:38:42
Format: 320k MP3 (CBR)
Size: 225MB

01 Freak Disciple – Stalking The Wild Controller [Sonic Anarchy]
02 Germinator – It Is [A Taste Of Nephilim]
03 Tetrahedron – Quicksand [Technobotanic Tryptamines]
04 Andy Guthrie – Skwirm [All Boundaries Are Illusion]
05 Process & Tristan – Dealing With Demons [Air Born]
06 The Infinity Project – Hyperactive (Acid Rockers remix) [Mushroom Trance]
07 Ominus – Acid Tester [Goa Inside 3]
08 Ovoid – Psi Factor Seven – Trance [Psychedelic Flashbacks 3]
09 Prana – Scarab (Snake Thing Remix) [Geomantik]
10 Aeternum – Sunstorm [Voltage]
11 Kundalini – Skydiver [Funk]
12 Children of the Doc – Martian Civilization (Domestic Goblin Remix) [Goa-Head 7]
13 Human Blue – Non Transparent Shadows [Blue]
14 Astralasia – Afterlife [Cosmic Cubes IV]
14 Hunab Ku – Dreamstar [Magik Universe]
15 Dimension 5 – Ganymede (Guitar Mix) [Mind Rewind]
16 Guidance – The Earth [Trance4Mations]
17 Solar Quest – A + B = C [Distance To Acid Trance 1]

Notes from the DJ
This one is definitely more ‘day’-based – I start it off with brain candy before heading off to pounding Goa trance in the middle, the more powerful and melodic music towards the end, and those floating-but-also-ball-grabbing acid tracks to end the mix with. What I really wanted this mix to have, is a Hunab Ku track – you can see it as a sort of sequel of my previous mix here on the Goat Ranch, and a ‘thank you’ to Marsh and the Goa/Psy-channel at too who are hosting all these mixing adventures! Everything is kind of built around Dreamstar, and the opening track from Freak Disciple. For the rest of the tracks, I tried to let the music guide me, making the music wider and wider… 🙂

Don’t forget to tune in to every 3rd Friday of the month for the Goat Ranch Monthly!

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