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April 11, 2014


Global Goa Party 4: 1995 – The Mixes

by goatranch

On April 5th, 2014, the Goat Ranch,’s Goa-Psy channel, 10 DJs, and a whole host of party freaks came together on the virtual dance floor for the fourth event in the Global Goa Party series.This year, each mix has its own page with the short writeup from the DJ as well as its tracklist.

The Mixes

Click on the time slot link to read about and download each mix.

Earwall (USA) – [20:00-21:30]
Solitare (DAT Records, Canada) – [21:30-23:00]
Draeke (DAT Records, Italy) – [23:00-00:30]
Shruti (Brazil) – [00:30-02:00]
Jim Appleton (Goat Ranch, UK) – [02:00-03:30]
Twinpa (Cronomi Records, Germany) – [03:30-05:00]
Paul Eye (Finland) – [05:00-06:30]
The Goa Constrictor (USA) – [06:30-08:00]
Infra (Sweden) – [08:00-09:30]
Hallucinary (UK) – [09:30-11:00]

The Thanks

  • First, hats off to the DJs. Seriously, the mixes this time really split some atoms, and with no repeats it was quite a treat to hear so much music with each track only appearing once. I really want to thank you all for being so cool with the whole collaboration aspect this year and working together so smoothly to put that part together. Just wonderful.
  • Denn, thank you for the flyer art. You really nail it every year, and this one was just absolutely perfect. Capturing the spirit of the time while using all the fancy new computer gear we’ve got these days isn’t an easy task, but you do it right every time.
  • Frank, thanks for once again broadcasting the party on Without your help we’d have a mere fraction of the participation that we do in these things, so your hosting of each party is greatly appreciated.
  • And, last but not least, thank you party people! As a critical piece in this whole silly pie, it’s up to you all to make it happen in the end, and you did extremely well. Well done!
The Future

Next year will (most likely) be the last year-themed Global Goa Party, and we’ll be doing 1997. It’s a whole year away and no details have even remotely been ironed out, but we’ve got some fun ideas in store for the big “finale.” Stay tuned to the Ranch and we’ll of course post info when the time comes. Should be a good one… 😉

Keep In Touch

Be sure to “Like” the Goat Ranch on Facebook to keep up with all of the latest happenings. It’s where most of the day-to-day Ranch traffic appears, with posts of links to old-school Goa mixes and releases.

See ya next year! 🙂

Global Goa Party 4: 1995

Flyer by Denn

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  1. Joners
    Apr 28 2014

    Wow, I taught GGP 3 was good, but, man, this time everybody f*ing nailed it! I still can’t decide which mix I like better! I got goose bumps more than a few times, I got so much excited with the tracks! Really awesome mixes, I already raped the repeat button several times after hearing some of my favs! Congrats and many thanks!

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