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November 24, 2012


Jim Appleton – Flying Rhino & Friends

by goatranch

Taking a bit of a break from the madness of summer, the Goat Ranch presents smooth-n-groovy early prog/tech-psy mix from resident DJ Jim Appleton.

Here we depart from the gooey Goa trance sound of 1996 and move forward to the turn of the millennium, when the old-timers had tired of the gated melodic layers and were embracing the space between the sounds. Encouraging the mind to fill the gaps, this mix shows how some of the founding members of the Goa trance sound were exploring more minimal soundscapes in the genre later referred to as “progressive psy.” Whether “progressive” as a moniker is apt or not, this is one mix that’ll get the booty movin’ at any time of the day or night.

Download or stream:

DJ: Jim Appleton
Title: Flying Rhino & Friends
Format: MP3 (320kbps CBR)
Duration: 1:40:16

01 Corellian – Fathoms (Corellian’s Bad Rocker Original) [AFR048]
02 Darshan – Phased Transition [AFR041]
03 Stoop & Fidget – Loop & Digit [AFR027]
04 Kuro – Free Xone [AFR042]
05 Bus – Finissimo [AFR050]
06 Blue Planet Corporation – Micromega (Choo Choo Remix [Jarrod & Gilbey]) [AFR031]
07 Bumbling Loons – Rumbling Toon [AFR032]
08 Planet B.E.N.- TNT [AFR043]
09 Planet B.E.N. & James – Repeater [AFR050]
10 ManMadeMan- Down On Earth [AFR046]
11 ManMadeMan- Halt Production [AFR040]
12 Bumbling Loons – Rumbling Toon (Evolution Remix) [AFR032]
13 Bamboo Forest – Reflection [AFR047]
14 Kuro – Ghost [AFR042]

From Jim:

I remember doing this on a very hot, stoned, summer’s afternoon around 2001. The result, a mix I have always been pleased with. 🙂
These are all vinyl releases from Flying Rhino, who were at this time really taking huge steps forward with this new-found vibe and energy. A definitive move away from acidic Goa trance, but still, unmistakably from the same stables.
Happy listening 😀

6 Comments Post a comment
  1. Nov 24 2012

    Summer?? 😉

  2. Nov 26 2012

    Yes, well, umm…uhhh…

  3. Nov 26 2012

    Maybe where you are, you lucky sonofa!

  4. Djuna Saurus
    Dec 10 2012

    Very neat mix, I really like these transitions that a genre can make. Dark, brooding and trancy stuff, yet not the things you hear a lot!

  5. Jim
    Dec 19 2012

    Thanks very much Djuna. I appreciate your comment 🙂

  6. Tony Carroll
    Mar 6 2020

    Hey Jim 🙂 Are you still really critical/self important and judgmental of people or have you changed? Really hope you have…life is too short! x

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