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April 4, 2011


Jim Appleton – Neurogenesis

by goatranch

Goat Ranch resident Jim Appleton refreshes and re-releases a vintage set dug up and dusted off from his archives.

“I originally mixed this in 1998 on a cassette. It’s one I’ve kept over the years and only recently, after being given an old tape deck, have I been able to play it back.”

Download or stream:

DJ: Jim Appleton
Title: Neurogenesis
Format: MP3 (320kbps CBR)
Duration: 79:26

01 Laughing Buddha – Swinging London [TRA047]
02 Solaris – Extra Mundane [ATOM003]
03 Beast – Spawn [TWSC666]
04 Eat Static – Contact (Eat Static Remix) [BARK033CDX]
05 Space Cat – Space Cats [TRA045]
06 Darshan – Slipstream [PTM27]
07 Semsis – Border Hash [SPV039-98992]
08 Laughing Buddha – If You Think You’re Psykik [TRA047]
09 Delta – Travelling At The Speed Of Thought [DRO10CD]
10 Man With No Name – Retox [ATOM001CD]
11 Cosmosis – Do It (Remix) [TRA046]
12 X-Dream – Electromagnetic [BR066LP]
13 Spiralkinda – Blah [BFLT49]

The quality was clearly fading so I decided to re-do it. It’s as close to my original as possible. The start and finish points of each mix were crucial to get in the right place to make it sound right. This proved quite difficult to re-create and I had to record it numerous times – but I’m satisfied with how it is now. I also entered it into the 4th birthday party, and on that weekend it stood along side Marsh’s mix Music For Space Elevators. Well, that’s it’s little history. This really was a journey into my past and one that I hope you get chance to listen to.

Best wishes,


Yes, you heard it right, we now have our first official resident DJ here at the Ranch! You can look forward to seeing more of Jim’s mixes as we continue in our mission of maximum Goa and psychedelic trance mix delivery to the masses. Thanks for joining the team, Jim! 🙂

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  1. Jimll Mixit
    Apr 5 2011

    Thanks for having me! 🙂

  2. Apr 5 2011

    Superb!! Had a couple of listens already, and its top notch! great selection of tracks and A-1 mixing as usual.

  3. Jimll Mixit
    Apr 6 2011

    Thanks Kunal for your really nice comment. Glad you like the mix.

  4. Apr 8 2011

    Wow, Jim’ll. That was an outstanding trip through ancient psychedelic crevices buried deeply in my brain. Neurons I thought would never activate again were only too happy to get jiggy to this mix. You chose tracks like a master painter facing his palette, and blended them with exquisite finesse.

    This was a treat and a half. Thanks for taking the time to re-discover it and re-do it to perfection!

  5. Jim
    Apr 10 2011

    As always, thank you nutjob for those VERY kind words 🙂 haha!! :D, I’m glad it worked for you in such a positive way.!! It was a great pleasure doing it, and I’m glad it can finally be heard. And here is just perfect….thanks to Marsh!


  6. Apr 12 2011

    man, that Laughing Buddha EP is an absolute corker, eh!!

    i must compliment you again on the quality selection you have here, i can visualize some major speaker swimming mayhem with this. 😀

  7. Jim
    Apr 13 2011

    Thank you Kunal !! haha, don’t forget your 3D swimming goggles 😀
    Yes, the Laughing Buddha tracks are great, and perhaps often overlooked. The ‘If You Think You’re Psykik’ track was really tough for me to mix though, and was probably the main one that caused me problems trying to get right.

    Best wishes to you !

  8. Apr 18 2011

    Listened to this and another couple of jims mixes this weekend and ive gotta say they were all wicked!!
    Really psychedelic tunes and quality mixing good job jim 🙂 old uns are definetly the good uns 😀

  9. Jim
    Apr 22 2011

    Thanks Sporophore!
    Loving your music very much I have to say.. 😉

  10. Iron_Sun
    Aug 9 2012

    Jim, this is an absolutely smashing set! Really is motivating me to search for tunes as wicked as these, since I’m a beginning oldschool (and some newschool too) dj! Thanks for this!

  11. Jim
    Dec 5 2012

    Thank you so much! I’m pleased you found it inspiring My apologies for the late response, I’ve only just seen your comment. I hope you are enjoying your track hunting and DJing still! Best wishes to you. 🙂

  12. Anjuna2Shoreditch
    Jul 16 2014

    Shout out to Jim’ll Mix It for an unswerving commitment to a tainted pun.

  13. Jim
    Jul 16 2014

    Thanks for the poke in the ribs 🙂 Unfortunately the pun is still embedded here and there in the back ground. I’m guessing you mean from the download link to this mix?

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