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September 17, 2010


Jim Appleton – The Galactic 8

by goatranch

The first guest mix to appear here on the Goat Ranch is an unplanned, one-shot, assembled-on-the-fly party mix by none other than Jim Appleton, truly one of the best Goa trance DJ’s I know. As a runner-up in the Hunab-ku Magik Mix Contest and having nailed his slot in the Global Goa Party, you can be sure this’ll be a good one.

Download or stream:

DJ: Jim Appleton
Title: The Galactic 8
Length: 68:54
Size: 132MB
Format: MP3 (256kbps)

01 Blue Planet Corporation – Dialect [AFRLP17]
02 Space Cat – Invasion [BALLLP004]
03 Dragon – Freak The Greek [AFRCD14]
04 Space Cat – Robotalk [BALLLP004]
05 Technossomy – Pyramid [AFR005]
06 Blue Planet Corporation – Micromega [AFRLP17]
07 Lunar Asylum – Shadow Five [MPCD6]
08 Orion – Akoru [SYMBLP006]
09 Hallucinogen – Fluoro Neuro Sponge [BFLT26]
10 Lunar Asylum – Meltdown [PTMCD138]

Jim lets us in on the story behind the mix:

This mix was recorded live at a friend’s indoor party. What a laugh we had!

It’s ‘freestyle, out the bag’ which is preferred in my mind than a prepared mix because it captures a moment, and for me  that feels more real on playback with memories. But getting that flow doesn’t always happen and doesn’t always get recorded.

My influences can vary with mixes. The title of this mix refers to our conciousness growth and at what level we are at according to the Mayan pyramid structure.  Level 8, the Galactic mind, where we identify primarily with the galaxy and all around us.

That’s where I was at then, I’m somewhere else at the moment.  🙂

Hope you enjoy listening and best wishes.

I’ve listened to this one a bunch of times already and have thoroughly enjoyed it every single time. What gets me about Jim’s mixing is the flow of what might seem like disparate-style tracks that really seem to gel incredibly well. Any sod can jam a bunch of tracks together, but to mix it live and have it click – reliably – is the mark of a truly good DJ. Thus my desire to share this one with the rest of you Goat Ranchers.

An interesting note on this mix is that I listened quite a few times without knowing the tracklist. It was only after I asked Jim to host it on the Ranch that became known to me that three of the artists had two tracks each in the lineup. Usually, if I see a mix like this, I’ll skip it expecting it to seem to “same-y”, but it flat-out surprised me when I saw the tracklist. I guess I don’t know my stuff as well as I thought, and I’m just fine with that if it means I can enjoy a mix without some dumb preconceived notion as to how it’ll be.

And I gotta say, that Dragon track is phenomenal. I mean…really. Holy shit.

Thanks, Jim!

WARNING: The mix ends abruptly – I think someone probably tripped on the power cord to the mixer. This adds charm. Charm, I tell you.

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  1. Sep 17 2010

    Can’t wait to hear it! Sounds like a great way to get a mix done!

  2. Sep 19 2010

    Fabulous! Absolutely fantastic off-the-cuff mix. Yes, it has some rough edges and ends abruptly, but those features are part of the appeal. It’s like a uneven stitch and a bit of straw in a handmade sweater; they’re imperfections, but they show just how much love grandma put into it.

    Jim’ll Mixit clearly put a lot of love into this. It’s a total, if short, delight!

  3. Jim Appleton
    Sep 22 2010

    Lol, thanks nutjob for your warm comments. Yes, I do love what I do, and if one of my mixes pleases somebody else then that’s good for me because then I know I’m perhaps doing something right somewhere.

    And of course thank you to Marsh!

  4. Oct 24 2010

    Great mix Jim…some uber-fantastic tracks you’ve got here!

    Loving it!

  5. Jim Appleton
    Apr 9 2011

    Thanks TT for listening in. Your comments are much appreciated, really 🙂

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