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03 DJ Draeke – Global Goa Party 4 [23:00-00:30]


DJ: Draeke
Timeslot: 23:00-00:30
About the set: In 1995, the Goan vibe was found in many different forms and shapes, and many DJs played around with techno, hard-trance, and music that would be later be called “proto-Goa trance.” That is exactly what I had in mind as I searched my dusty vinyl – I wanted to recreate that vibe, and my mix contains barely any “proper” Goa trance as we normally define it. It’s all about hidden gems from the past, glorious acid attacks all around.

Master DJ Rob – Energy Base
Koxbox – Crystal
Ansia – Il Suono Digitale, Irrazionale E Nervoso (Ansia Mix)
X-Tron – God Meets Ganesh
Borgia – Belladonna
Radiations – Radiations (Francesco Farfa Remix)
Solaris – Behind the Shadowland
Emmanuel TOP – Turkish Bazar (Acrid Abeyance Mix)
Aural Traxx – Brainworm
PH1 – Sizzling Love
Solar Quest – Acid Air Raid (George´s All Nighter)
Air Liquide – Psy 9

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