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02 DJ Solitare – Global Goa Party 4 [21:30-23:00]


DJ: Solitare
Timeslot: 21:30-23:00
About the set: For this set, I wanted to go back to the 94-95 branch of ‘Goa’ where the feeling was more upbeat and bouncy. I feature some of the slower BPMs from the time, which didn’t sound slow at all (the first three tracks here are 130 to 132). With a mild shift to melodic and a hint of night-time depth, I aimed to keep the overall atmosphere UP, trippy, spacey, and fluffy.

Dynamix: The Rezistor
Ayahuasca: New Moon
Prana: Voyager 2 (not 3 🙂 )
Slinky Wizard: Wizard
Space Tribe: The Great Spirit (original unreleased mix)
North Central Positronics: The Great Bear
Total Eclipse: Toxic Caterpillar (alt mix from MR2)
TIP: Superbooster
MWNN: Energy Level 137
Juno Reactor: Man to Ray
Psychaos: Science Fiction
Disco Volante: Naked People (MWNN remix)
Hallucinogen: Orphic Thrench
Taiyo: Snake
MWNN: Moment of Truth (alt mix from MR2)

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  1. Apr 11 2014

    Typo here: “Disco Volante: Naked People” should be “The Overlords: Naked People”.

  2. emit
    Aug 29 2014

    This is one of the best mix that ive ever heard!! It really is trippy and spacey! great work man

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