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08 The Goa Constrictor – Global Goa Party 4 [0630-0800]


DJ: The Goa Constrictor
Timeslot: 06:30-08:00
About the set: As the sun breeches the horizon of the plane, the morning stimuli courts the lsd creaks of the 303s as the dancer begins to wonder if their mind is a tangled knot or if they truly are hearing melodies within the ice cubes. Luckily the Goa responds to the heat and the energy like the trap of a chameleon on this bizarre planet Cydonia. The doof continues out of the black with deep love triangles and they remember oneself to be in a dream…

Psychaos – Intellect – TIP
Green Nuns of the Revolution – Optimum Creakage – Dragonfly
Joking Sphinx – Courty Plane – Matsuri
Technossomy – Chameleon (Puddle Mix) – Platipus
The Infinity Project – Stimuli – Perfecto Fluoro
K.U.R.O. – Zoa (Remix) – Spirit Zone
Vector – The Trap – Planet Rhythm
Spectral – Bizarre Planet – Blue Room
Psycho Disko – Deep – Psy-Harmonics
Eat Static – Cydonia – Planet Dog
Juno Reactor – Ice Cube – Blue Room
Lumukanda – Earth Mission Control Square – Psy-Harmonics
The Prodigy – Goa (The Heat The Energy Part 2) -XL
Hallucinogen – LSDoof – Dragonfly

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