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July 28, 2013


Global Goa Party 3: The Tracks

by goatranch

Herein lie the track listings for each of the sets from Global Goa Party 3.

Each tracklist appears beneath the DJ’s name, and some have contributed a few words on their mixes.

Thanks again to all of the DJs,, Jim Appleton and Fredrik Alm here at the Ranch, and all of you nutty Goat Ranchers out there who really made this the best GGP yet! We’ve already got a few things written down in the notebook to make the next one even better, so be sure to check back now and then to see what we’ve got cookin’ here at the Ranch.

And, don’t forget, you can always “Like” the Ranch on Facebook to keep up-to-date with the goings-on. We try to keep the volume down and the quality up, really! 🙂


DJ Lara (USA)

Decided to use all vinyl to pay tribute to the way the genre was heard at that time, complete with slowing a 45 down to 33. The crackle and pops are delicious!  –DJ Lara


Xenomorph – Cassandra’s Nightmare
Montauk P – Elektroid (45rpm @ 33rpm)
Beast – Trouble
Space Cat – Space Cats
Solaris – Extra Mundane
Cosmosis – Pigs in Space
Little Blue Men – Lamas on Lavazza
Quixotic – 32 Bit Priest (Austerity Drive Mix)
Nervasystem & Aether – Distored Waves of Om
Zabra – Waterworld

DJ Nonsense (Spain)

1998 was the year I got into psychedelic trance. By then, the style had become quite diverse, straying in different directions. Goa atmospheres collided with rocking guitars, and melodic complexity was about to give way to a harsher, dark stripped down sound. For this early night mix I tried to capture the unbridled creativity and no-holds-barred attitude going on in the music of the time.  –DJ Nonsense


01. Svasti-Ayanam – Varna-Sankara [CCA008]
02. Blue Planet Corporation – Micromega [AFR CD 14]
03. Slinky Nuns – Stun Gun [TIPCD17]
04. Somaton – Future Memories [ptmcd 137]
05. Biot – Interzone [BTM 104]
06. Disco Volante – Contact [TRANR615CD]
07. Liquid Lunar – Hydrophobia [ORGCD003]
08. Dimension 5 – Tribes Of The Moon [SUNCDLE02]
09. Chi-A.D. – Beyond The Singularity [OOO-002]
10. Darshan – Anja [AFR CD 10]
11. Oforia – Cream [NTD 90309-19]
12. Electric Universe – Freakuencies [SPIRIT ZONE 042]
13. X.I.S. – Shadows And Flashes [MPTCD-09]
14. Killing Joke – Intellect (Johan Remix) [TRANR619CD]
15. Montauk P – Elektroid [BR073CD]
16. Asia 2001 – Visitors [HN005CD]
17. Mekhala – High Energy [TRIPBX1]

Sanguine Mandragoa (USA)


Shoom & Bloodwing tag-team set

01. Electronic Dreamplanet – Virtual Link
02. Slacker – Scared (Pob Seismix)
03. Jaia – Mai Mai

04. Three Drives On a Vinyl – Greece 2000 (Man With No Name remix)
05. Johann – Stranded (The Delta Remix)
06. Synchro – Synchor Swim

07. Chilrden of Dub – Om
08. Somaton – Principles of Gravity
09. Zabra – Waterworld

10. Chi-A.D. – Exit Eternity
11. X-Dream – Brain Forest
12. Pob – Strata (Clanger Remix)

13. Celtic Cross – Jade Garden

Howling Glad Psyentists

— GMS Tribute Set by Marsh —

While filling in for DJ Basilisk (originally booked for this slot) was not an easy task, putting together a GMS set was super fun. I was and still am a huge fan of GMS tunes from this era and have tried to put together a varied set that showcases their psychedelic side along with the full-on. I sprinkled some homemade samples around, tossed in a couple of unreleased tracks, and generally attempted mix it up a enough to keep it from being simply another “single-artist” mix; hopefully this lends a bit of a “live” feel to this virtual headliner. Enjoy!  –Marsh


01 Intro (Skuffed/Jaws/Growlmonizer/Mental Floss)
02 GMS – Slow Motion
03 Systembusters – Mental Floss
04 GMS – 1.3 Crumbs
05 GMS – One Small Creature
06 Growlmonizer – Growlmonizer
07 GMS – Found In Space
08 GMS – Tentacles of a Jelly Fish
09 GMS – Soundfarmer (unreleased)
10 Systembusters – Skuffed
11 GMS – What the Fok (unreleased)
12 GMS – Lumberjack
13 GMS – The Caterpillar
14 Psychopod – Friagram (GMS Refried Gram Mix)

DJ Solitare (Canada)

In preparing my set for the 2am to 330am time slot, I set my intention to craft a story much like I heard in Japan in the mid-90s at outdoor parties, where during this time there was a full-power, middle-of-the-night darkness aspect to the music. I included tracks that made a big impact on me in 1998: the first one by Pacemaker was one I first heard Tsuyoshi play at Equinox’s legendary Strong Sun Moon Festival and later Domino played that at a party we’d both played at. I was at the Twisted office in 1997 when I heard all four mixes of tracks by Fools and Tools, and had suggested the release of this alternate mix of Itchy and Scratchy, but the other one was released on vinyl in 1998 and this one stayed unreleased. Medusa I first heard played by Serge at an outdoor party in Japan, and I went running up to him asking what the heck it was; I didn’t recognize the name and asked ‘who IS this?’ and he said, ‘I dunno… some crazy band…’  Byte 1 by Graham and Xavier blew me away when it was released, and I recently found Graham’s own DAT of another track, Dive 1, which will be released soon, so I included that as well. And the Delta – the most amazing track of the period for me, which I first heard in 1997 and tried like heck to get my hands on, and finally got it at 11pm the eve of my departure from London. I dropped it in Vancouver and Tokyo, where no one else had it (other than Tsuyoshi in Tokyo) and the dancefloor always exploded. The final mix in this set of Infernal Machine into Delta is one that I did at a party in Tokyo in 1998 (which was recorded and is on my Soundcloud), so I included that here, and for continuity, I made a story with the similar sampled voices by starting the set with Pacemaker and ending with the Delta… ‘Thank you’, indeed!  –DJ Solitare


The Groupie Syndrome: Pacemaker
*Fools & Tools: Itchy & Scratchy (alternate mix)
Psychaos: Mindwash
Cydonia: Mindhunter
*Byte 1: Dive 1
Etnica: Electric Shower
*LFOIDS: Medusa
X-Dream: Radiohead (remix)
Cydonia: Chrome Android
Byte 1: Byte 1
Psychaos: Chaos to Order
Infernal Machine: Nocturnal Chainsaw Kerfuffle
The Delta: Travelling at the Speed of Thought


Spork (Norway)


01: Alan Silvestri – Back to the Future Theme (Back to the Future soundtrack)
02: Vangelis – Opening (1492: Conquest of Paradise soundtrack)
03: Space Tribe – The Future’s Right Now (Space Tribe / The Future’s Right Now)
04: Killing Joke – Jana (Hallucinogenic) (Killing Joke / Wardance – the Remixes)
05: Man with No Name – Possessed (Man with No Name / Earth Moving the Sun)
06: Trinity – Guru (V.A. / Double Dipped)
07: Slide – Alien Hitmen (V.A. / Goa Head vol. 5)
08: MFG – Intelligent Machine (MFG / Project Genesis)
09: Oforia – Cream (Oforia / Delirious)
10: Zabra – Waterworld (V.A. / Goa Head vol. 7)
11: Somaton – Fearful Symmetry (V.A. / Destination Goa – the Sixth Chapter)
12: Lunar Asylum – Van Halen (Lunar Asylum / Lunar Asylum)
13: Slinky Wizard – Sacred Fist (V.A. / Tantrance 6)
14: Jaia – Sillenium (V.A. / Dream Creation)
15: S.U.N. Project – Spaceships & Spacepeople (S.U.N. Project / Macrophage)
16: Cosmosis – Higher Access (Cosmosis / Synergy)
17: Astral Projection – Solid Electronics (V.A. – Destination Goa / the Sixth Chapter)
18: Green Nuns of the Revolution – Rock Bitch (V.A. / Goa Head vol. 6)


Space Tribe – 54 Bassdrums
Growling Mad Scientists – Growly Family
Digitalis – Osho Drums
Lotus Omega – Lighthouse
Joujouka – RE-psychle Frequency

Infra (Sweden)


Weirdo Beardo – Flunk Funk – (Iboga Records – IBOGACD01)
Jammy Wizard – AngstRom Dispidooshan (Flying Rhino Records – AFR024)
Twin Freaks – Total Meltdown (Iboga Records – IBOGACD01)
Slide & Process – Creepy crawley (Transient Records, TRANR613CD)
Psychaos – Mindwash 12″ (Transient Records, TRA039)
Resonance – New World (Psychic Deli Records, PDCD07)
Darshan – Windchime 12″ (Flying Rhino Records ‎– AFR 022)
Darshan – Tranformations (Flying Rhino Records ‎– AFR CD 10)
Battle Of The Future Buddhas – Neuroglider (Superstring Records ‎– SUPER 001)
Menis – Insecure 0.40 (Koyote Records ‎– KRCD005)
Hux Flux TimeSlices 12″ ( Koyote Records – KR 017)
Menis – Zeitgeist (Koyote Records – KRCD005)
Eupsychia – Echons 12″ (Shiva Space Technology ‎– SST98V05)
Subcouds – Plasticine Hellyflower (Spiral Trax ‎– spit 010)
Epic tone – Squirty Spiral (Sub Terranean ‎– SPV 089-47992 / spiral trax)
Sun project – I feel (Spirit Zone Recordings ‎– SPIRIT ZONE 038 CD)

Denis B (Norway)

This Global Goa Party 3 mix attempts to weave a tale of a somewhat dark trip through space. The Sub Unity Nettwerk Experience intro promises to introduce the audience to the Venutians; “You’re going to be able to meet these people, to talk with them, as well as take part in a trip to their planet.”  

The set is meant as an early twilight set, just before sunrise, in the hours where light begins to appear, and the long dark shadows are in full effect on the dancefloor. During this time, the music should still be on the darkish end, but provide the dancefloor with enough glimmers of melodic light to stomp on until sunrise.. 

 This is a fully “live mix” done with all digital (full bitrate) tracks in Traktor Pro, only post-processing that is applied is a stretched fade out of the End of the World track.. 
Check out other mixes at my Soundcloud page : and reach me at 
Enjoy 🙂  –Denis B


Sub Unity Nettwerk Experience – Limited Access To The Files
Sandman – Shockwave
Psychaos – Chaos to Order
Oforia – Outer Conception
Pigs in Space – Visitors (Part 2)
MFG – Voices
Infected Mushroom – Where is S
Children of the Doc – Martian Civilization (Domestic Goblin Remix)
Cosmosis – Spores from Space? (A Microscopic Trace)
Hallucinogen – Magik
Menis – The Drugs Do Work
Sandman – End of the World

DJ Draeke (Italy)

OK, the year is 1998 and this mix includes only tunes from that year. These tracks are what I would have played were we really to have this awesome 18 hours party somewhere on a beach in Goa. I selected the tracks as to represent the vibes and styles I like most from that year, giving it a grand finale with Etnica/Pleiadians (as you would all expect).  –DJ Draeke


0:00:00 Morphem – Hypnotone (DE)
0:07:33 Nucleus – Sun Escape (UK) * DAT
0:14:09 Blue Planet Corporation – Micromega (FR)
0:20:13 Children of the Doc – Police 106 (IL)
0:28:42 Cosmosis – The Outer Limits (UK)
0:36:44 CHI-AD – Redivider (Alernate Mix) (UK) * DAT
0:43:57 Moksha – OV Silence (Mantra Remix) (DE)
0:49:10 Zirrex – Mahageon (RU) * DAT from 1998
1:01:14 Hyperion – Sunflower (IL)
1:09:12 Zerotonine – Morning Glory (DE) * DAT
1:18:00 Etnica – Vimana (Pleiadians 1998 Live Mix) (IT) * DAT

Kundabuffer (USA)


X-Dream – Rain (Original Mix)
Solaris – Extra Mundane
The Muses Rapt – Spiritual Healing
Killing Joke – Love Like Blood (Original Mix)
People Of The Earth – Mind Warped (Original Mix)
Slide – The Chase
System 7 – Ring Of Fire (Volcaniq Mix)
Fripic Bounce – Clerkdrive Phanwiz (Original Mix)
Dragon – Freak the Greek
Spahn Ranch – In the Aftermath [Astralasia Mix]
Montauk P – Lizardman (Original Mix)
Botz – Yell From Hell
O.J. Project – Tribal Chord Projection
Slide – Confusional State (Danny Howell’s Squelch Mix)
L.S.G. – Hellfire
Genetic – Floor (Original Mix)
Telescreen – All Engines

Hallucinary (UK)

I tried to capture the sound of ’98; this starts out quite dark, the way I like to mix, then takes a slightly lighter feel and opens up a bit being a lot more melodic towards the end. I closed with a cracker by Space Cat which brings you back into a darker tone. It was great to be a part of the party. 🙂 ’98 ruled!!!  –Hallucinary


1.Lumen – Out Of Memory Too [Psychic Deli]
2.Lagoon – Green Light (Live Mix) [MDMA Music Ltd]
3.Semsis – Temptress [Atomic Records]
4.Four Carry Nuts – Total Recall [Sub Terranean]
5.Tim Schuldt – Pretty Poison [Sub Terranean]
6.Slide – Dry Heat [ID&T Music Germany]
7.Slide – Saturnalia [Transient Records]
8.Sandman – End Of The World [Sub Terranean]
9.Slide & Marc van der Vlugt – Celestia [ID&T Music Germany]
10.Pigs In Space – Visitors (Part 1) [Phonokol]
11.Somaton – Fearful Symetry [Why Not Records]
12.Power Source – Granada (Remix 98) [Melodia Records]
13.The Passenger – Air Man [YoYo Records]
14.Chi – Exit Eternity [Cameleon]
15.Space Cat – Kreak [YoYo Records]

FractalGee (Netherlands)


01 Chi-A.D. – Spirit
02 Encens – Spiritual Transgression
03 Dandandado – The Politics of Dancing
04 Nervasystem & Aether – Kinetic Space Dilation
05 Cosmosis – The Ultimate Sin
06 Aphid Moon – Electronic Membrane
07 Tristan and a Green Nun – Babylon N’Ting
08 Ollie Wisdom & Simon Posford – In the Hands of the Shaman
09 X-Dream – Oscillator
10 The Green Nuns of the Revolution – Green Nunions (rmx)
11 MFG – Why
12 S.U.N. Project – Dance of the Witches (Fire Mix)
13 Factor E – Pol Circular
14 Cydonia – Centre Point
15 Talamasca – Believe
16 Miranda – Real Rush

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  1. They hold the ability to broadcast (closed captioned) the stage area to a massive
    screen inside main lounge, but they are doing
    not try this for regular Karaoke. you ought to expect that you happen to be going to need to sing.
    But the biggie of these companies, as far as karaoke was involved, was Pioneer.

  2. The last track sums it all up. 🙂 A real rush! Representing the year when organic Goa entered its chrysalis and emerged as high-tech psytrance, it was as hyperspaced as a party would have truly been in 1998.

    I only missed more of the ‘alternative’ psy sound i.e. Nephilim, Psy-Harmonics, Equinox, Edgecore, but it’s understandable… those sounds weren’t dug in all circles back then. 🙂

    Thanks for the memories!

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