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February 14, 2010


Entry #1: Myrath – Psynamite

by goatranch

OK folks, here it is – the first official entry for the Hunab-ku Majik Mix Contest! This one is from Myrath, a well-mixed set of some great classics and a few killer tracks I haven’t heard.

Download or stream:

DJ: Myrath
Title: Psynamite
Length: 78:17
Size: 142MB
Format: MP3 (LAME, -V0)

01 The Infinity Project – Stimuli [TIP001]
02 Biot – Radiation [BTM002]
03 Etnica – Mystical Appearance In Goa [HS-03]
04 Total Eclipse – Free Lemonade (Psychaos Remix) [BR012]
05 Man Of The Last 3rd – The Evolution Of X (Trippin’ Peace Mix) [7243 8 42810 2 4]
06 Asia 2001 – Lunar Attraction [KR008]
07 Denshi-Danshi – Tikitatum [458 0001 12]
08 Kailash – Higher (Original) [MP20]
09 Astral Projection – Time Began With The Universe (Another Time Mix) [MP21]
10 Tristan & Tom – Syncotron [CELT001]
11 Ominus – Acid Tester [KR005]
12 Psychaos – Intellect [TIPLP2]
13 Three-State Logic – A New Life [KRB003]

The DJ describes this mix as such:

“This mix contains mostly famous classics. All tracks belong to my all time favorites. Even if most tracks are well known, I hope that everybody can enjoy the mix as much as I do. It’s more or less a real party mix, so have fun!”

In addition to this public mix, Myrath also submitted a pretty kickass “private” mix with some rare and unreleased tracks included in the set list. It’s a bummer that it’s private as I believe it to be the stronger of the two, but I must honor the wishes of the DJs submitting private mixes. Thus, it must sadly remain relegated to my hard drive.

The Psynamite mix is a solid entry in its own right, however, so I highly recommend checking it out. For some reason I don’t actually have Etnica’s The Juggling Alchemists Under The Black Light in my collection, so it was great to hear a track from it in this mix. There were also a few others I hadn’t heard, including the tracks from Man Of The Last 3rd, Asia 2001, Denshi Danshi, and Tristan & Tom. For me, the highlight of this mix is without a doubt the Tristan & Tom track, Syncotron…damn, they just don’t do lead lines like they used to! The Three-State Logic track is a close runner-up, however. Again, what a wicked lead. I have heard this track before, possibly at a party way back when, but it’s missing from my collection; this is exactly why I started this contest – to find gems like these. Thanks, Myrath.

Also to note, Myrath’s submittal was perfect – tracklists already formatted exactly like the others on the Goat Ranch, descriptions of both mixes, the length of the mixes and even the LAME switch used to encode them – good job!

Alright contestants, you have just a little over 6 weeks left to submit your mixes, let’s see what other awesomeness is out there.

UPDATE: Myrath has OKed the posting of the tracklist for his private mix, Psydentity:

01. Satori – Neureality [Aqua 5]
02. Space Tribe – Cicadas On DMT [Spirit Zone 016]
03. Pan – Qualia [TO3 002]
04. Nervasystem – Donovan’s Brain [PDLP03]
05. The Infinity Project – Stimuli (Man With No Name Mix) [PERF113T]
06. Medicine Drum – Suraya Mela (Acid Samosa Mix) [P 003]
07. Jaia – First Of 01 [9601]
08. Etnica – Intense Visitation [BR 009]
09. Bamboo Forest – Frogies Airline [CD 50 625]
10. Charm – Brain Structure [TTT 003]
11. Green House Effect – Wolfgang [SYMB017]
12. Genshi – Medicine [BRCD001]
13. Sheyba – Monkeys [3007282]

As mentioned, this is a killer mix. Although I have Intense Visitation, it’s great to hear it in a mix as I haven’t yet put it into one, myself. And the rest of the tracks…wicked.

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  1. Feb 18 2010

    Hi !

    I was just wondering if it would be appropriate to post the tracklist of the private mixes submitted. Understandable that some tracks are likely rare and people want them to stay that way, but should their existence be made public ?

  2. Feb 18 2010

    I’m totally fine with it, but I suppose that would be left up to the submitting DJs. I will email Myrath and ask, and will ask each submitter when they send their mixes.

  3. Feb 19 2010

    Cool. 🙂

  4. Feb 21 2010

    OK, there ya go, TT!

  5. astraltraveller
    Mar 17 2010

    I enjoyed this mix. It wasn’t very heavy in a sense, it was nice light old school Goa, and I enjoyed it a lot.

    Well worth a listen to, and definitely a keeper.

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